2014 Application for Admission
JUPAS Account
JUPAS Account
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Do I have to create a new JUPAS account if I have already created one in the previous cycle(s)? If so, do I have to submit and fill in the information (e.g. OEA and SLP) again?

YES. To apply for admission via 2014 JUPAS, you have to create a new JUPAS account.

All application data, including those submitted by applicants and schools, and the examination results obtained from the HKEAA, will be discarded by the JUPAS Office after 6 months from the completion of the admissions exercise.

In the light of the above, all information, which includes personal information, programme choices, OEA, SLP, supporting documents, etc., has to be submitted again.

You are however NOT required to submit your past and / or current HKDSE Examination results to the JUPAS Office.

(Please refer to section on My Online Application Form)

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Do I need to submit OEA information?

The submission of OEA information is optional.

To facilitate the participating-institutions in considering applicants' performances in activities in addition to their academic results, applicants are advised to submit their OEA information, which is a part of the online application form. Applicants should make reference to their own SLP when completing the information.

Such information will serve as important additional reference for admission selection and can also be used as a framework for discussions during selection interviews.

Each OEA award / activity will be specifically judged according to its individual merit and will be categorised at the participating-institutions' discretion as they deem appropriate.

You have the discretion to decide whether or not to submit the OEA information.

(Please refer to section on Other Experiences and Achievements in Competitions / Activities (OEA))

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Do I need to submit my full SLP to the participating-institutions? If so, can I upload the SLP which I have submitted in my last application?

Participating-institutions recognise SLP as a document of good reference value for admissions purposes under the 334 academic reform.

The submission of full SLP is optional. If you wish to submit your full SLP (in PDF format with a maximum file size of 3MB), you can do so either by uploading it to your JUPAS account for consideration by the participating-institutions, or submitting it to individual programmes when you are invited for interviews.

You have the discretion to decide whether or not to upload the SLP.

(Please refer to section on Student Learning Profile (SLP))

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