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The Open University of Hong Kong

The OUHK believes that successful learning depends on an effective learning environment. It strives to provide academic services and facilities that give students the support they need, and extracurricular opportunities that offer students the enrichment they deserve.

(A) Teaching & Campus Facilities

The Main Campus and Jockey Club Campus offer a hub of libraries, computer and science laboratories, a clinical nursing education Centre, testing and certification laboratories, cultural and creative arts studios and laboratories, a language laboratory, study facilities, student common rooms, activity rooms, recreational facilities, exhibition gallery, canteens and bank.

(B) Library Resources

In addition to the campus libraries’ collection of books, audio visual materials, monographs and journals, the University's award-winning Electronic Library gives students round-the-clock access to an extensive collection of databases, and full-text e-journals and e-books. The libraries offer guides, orientation programmes and workshops throughout the year.

(C) Financial Assistance and Scholarships

OUHK provides different types of financial assistance for students who encounter financial difficulties, e.g. the university bursaries, emergency grants, and interest-free tuition fee loans for students who are OUHK MasterCard holders. Eligible students can receive the government’s financial assistance including the Study Subsidy Scheme for Designated Professions/Sectors (SSSDP), Non-means-tested Subsidy Scheme (NMTSS), Financial Assistance Scheme for Post-secondary Students (FASP), Non-means Tested Loan Scheme for Post-secondary Students (NLSPS) and Continuing Education Fund (CEF).

A number of donated scholarships and prizes are awarded to students with academic merit or improvement. New students who have outstanding achievement are offered Entrance Scholarships of $40,000 each. Besides, 805 students are awarded over $13 million government scholarships under the Self-financing Post-secondary Scholarship Scheme in 2017/18.

(D) IT for Learning

Our students benefit from the OUHK's unique expertise in applying IT to learning and teaching, which it has gained from over a decade of experience in distance education. Most notably, face-to-face learning is enriched by the University's Online Learning Environment (OLE), which enables students to use multimedia study materials and to communicate and collaborate with professors and classmates online.

A Single Sign-On Service and Student Web Portal make the University's web services extremely user friendly. OUHK student mobile app provides immediate and easy access to academic information on mobile devices. Email accounts are provided to all students to make academic and administrative communication more convenient for them.

(E) Career Training and Internship Programme

The Student Affairs Office (SAO)’s career services for students range from courses designed to equip them with basic career-related skills to targeted training sessions focusing on specific areas such as career planning, a job guide, mock job interviews as well as appropriate etiquette. The SAO also operate a walk-in CV clinic that offers guidance to individual student on their application letters and CVs. The SAO has cooperated with various organizations on tailor-made internship programmes designed to maximize experiential learning among participating students. The SAO has stepped up its drive to offer an increasing number of internship opportunities, both local and overseas, for students gaining valuable internship experience in Hong Kong and abroad so as to enrich their university experience. The design of pre-internship training courses has been enhanced to equip students with the required job skills, interpersonal skills and expected work attitude. The SAO provides a diverse range of student career services to help prepare them for successful future careers. The main goal is to enable students to master different job seeking skills and techniques, and help them set their overall career development direction before graduation.

(F) Student Activities

The OUHK encourages student activities as an integral part of university life and an enjoyable means to enhance personal growth. To support the development of such activities, the University provides financial and other support to student-related activities through the Student Affairs Office. In addition to the OUHK Students’ Union, there are currently over 40 University recognized student societies, some are organized specifically for students of the full-time face-to-face undergraduate programmes. Students are encouraged to participate in a diverse range of activities, including sports, academic seminars and cultural programmes.

(G) Counselling Services and Personal Development

Academic staff provides assistance to students in choosing the programmes and courses that are right for them. The Student Counselling Service is also available to assist students with any difficulties in their studies or with personal issues. The Student Affairs Office also actively helps students in their whole person development including leadership training, self-management, interpersonal management, community caring and cultural exchange. The Career Counselling Services are also provided to assist students to explore, develop and prepare for their future careers.

(H) Support for Students with Disabilities or Special Educational Needs

The University is committed to support students with disabilities or special educational needs in pursuit of their further studies. The support services and special arrangements for these students include course selection counselling, a tutorial centre accessible by wheelchair users, special examinations arrangements and special study aids on loan at the Disabled Student Centre. The Student Affairs Office coordinates with relevant academic and administrative units to provide appropriate support and services to accommodate the special needs of students as far as possible. Due to resources constraint and uniqueness of each special need, our responsible staff would provide appropriate information and make referral when necessary.

To cope with the growing demand, the OUHK has established the Jockey Club Campus on Chung Hau Street, Ho Man Tin.  The University has just received Government approval for granting of a piece of prime site right next to the Ho Man Tin Main Campus to build another new campus. Design work is already underway for construction work to start in the second half of 2017.