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06 May 2019

Hong Kong Baptist University

Hong Kong Baptist University

Introduction of New Double Degree Programme Study Option (JS2510)

The following programme offered by Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU) has introduced a new study option in the 2019 cycle:

JUPAS Catalogue No. Funding Category Programme Short Name Programme Full Title



Bachelor of Science

The Science Faculty of HKBU will collaborate with Simon Fraser University (SFU), Canada, to launch a new double degree programme for 2019 intake.  The two Bachelor's degrees Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Mathematics and Statistics and Bachelor of Science in Actuarial Science, issued by HKBU and SFU respectively, will be awarded to students upon completion of study.

Students will spend the first two years at HKBU and the third and fourth years at SFU.  Local students are required to pay only the local HKBU tuition fees for this 4-year study period.  The SFU tuition fee will be paid by HKBU.

A newly established HKBU Science Double Degree Entrance Scholarship for Local Students is also available.  Local students with outstanding academic performance to be admitted to the programme via JUPAS Catalogue No. JS2510 (Bachelor of Science) are eligible to apply.  Recipients will receive a scholarship up to HK$220,200, subject to conditions, to subsidise the local tuition fees and the overseas expenses at SFU.  Furthermore, recipients may concurrently receive Hall Scholarship (up to 1-year residence fee at HKBU).

The scholarship application form can be downloaded here.  Please refer to the programme website for details.