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Results of Application

Subsequent Round (Cancelled as from the 2023 Cycle)

Some JUPAS participating-institutions and the SSSDP institutions (the Institutions) may wish to have the flexibility to conduct recruitment of applicants without offers in the Main and Clearing Rounds (but who may be eligible for other programmes) earlier or immediately after the Clearing Round.  In view of the above, as from the 2023 cycle, the Institutions agreed that the JUPAS Subsequent Round be replaced by the direct recruitment of these applicants by the respective Institutions.  In this arrangement, Institutions concerned will continue to make offers directly to these applicants, provided that vacancies are still available.  Such applicants need not approach the Institutions to reapply, as they will be further considered by the Institutions for any programmes (which may be outside their selected programme choices under JUPAS) if they are found to be suitable for such programmes.

Applicants who are given offers will be informed directly by the Institutions offering them admission, and they will be required to pay the acceptance fees and complete the registration / enrolment procedures at the Institutions concerned if they wish to accept the offers.