2019 JUPAS Main Round Offer Results

The Main Round offer results will be announced as from 5 August 2019 (9:00 am) through the following channels:

  1. JUPAS website;
  2. The websites of the 9 JUPAS participating-institutions; and
  3. JUPAS Office 24-hour Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS) at 2334 2330.

Please click on the JUPAS Catalogue No. to check the details on payment of acceptance fee of HK$5,000 and registration / enrolment procedures.

City University of Hong Kong

Institution / Scheme JUPAS Catalogue No. Funding Category Programme Short Name Programme Full Title
CityUJS1000UGC-fundedBScCFFTBSc Computational Finance and Financial Technology
CityUJS1001UGC-fundedBBAGBUBBA Global Business
CityUJS1002UGC-fundedBBAACBBA Accountancy
CityUJS1003UGC-fundedEFDepartment of Economics and Finance (options: BBA Business Economics, BBA Finance)
CityUJS1004UGC-fundedISDepartment of Information Systems (options: BBA Global Business Systems Management, BBA Information Management)
CityUJS1005UGC-fundedBBAMGMTBBA Management
CityUJS1006UGC-fundedMSDepartment of Management Sciences (options: BBA Business Analysis, BBA Business Operations Management)
CityUJS1007UGC-fundedBBAMKTBBA Marketing
CityUJS1041UGC-fundedSCMSchool of Creative Media (options: BA Creative Media, BSc Creative Media, BAS New Media)
CityUJS1042UGC-fundedBACMBA Creative Media
CityUJS1043UGC-fundedBScCMBSc Creative Media
CityUJS1044UGC-fundedBASBAS New Media
CityUJS1051UGC-fundedSEESchool of Energy and Environment (options: BEng Energy Science and Engineering, BEng Environmental Science and Engineering)
CityUJS1061UGC-fundedLLBBachelor of Laws
CityUJS1071UGC-fundedSDSCSchool of Data Science (options: BSc Data Science, BEng Data and Systems Engineering)
CityUJS1072UGC-fundedBScDSCBSc Data Science
CityUJS1073UGC-fundedBEngDSEBEng Data and Systems Engineering
CityUJS1091UGC-fundedBSTDivision of Building Science and Technology (options: ASc Building Services Engineering, ASc Construction Engineering and Management, ASc Surveying)
CityUJS1093UGC-fundedAScASASc Architectural Studies
CityUJS1101UGC-fundedSSDepartment of Social and Behavioural Sciences (options: BSocSc Criminology and Sociology, BSocSc Psychology, BSocSc Social Work)
CityUJS1102UGC-fundedBSocScASISBSocSc Asian and International Studies
CityUJS1103UGC-fundedBACHISBA Chinese and History
CityUJS1104UGC-fundedBAELSTBA English
CityUJS1105UGC-fundedLTDepartment of Linguistics and Translation (options: BA Linguistics and Language Applications, BA Translation and Interpretation)
CityUJS1106UGC-fundedCOMDepartment of Media and Communication (options: BA Digital Television and Broadcasting, BA Media and Communication)
CityUJS1108UGC-fundedBSocScPPPBSocSc Public Policy and Politics
CityUJS1201UGC-fundedACEDepartment of Architecture and Civil Engineering (options: BEng Architectural Engineering, BEng Civil Engineering, BSc Surveying)
CityUJS1202UGC-fundedBScCHEMBSc Chemistry
CityUJS1203UGC-fundedBMSDepartment of Biomedical Sciences (options: BSc Biological Sciences, BSc Biomedical Sciences)
CityUJS1204UGC-fundedBScCSCBSc Computer Science
CityUJS1205UGC-fundedEEDepartment of Electrical Engineering (options:BEng Computer&Data Engineering, BEng Electronic&Communication Engineering, BEng Information Engineering)
CityUJS1206UGC-fundedBScCMBSc Computing Mathematics
CityUJS1207UGC-fundedMNEDepartment of Mechanical Engineering (options: BEng Mechanical Engineering,BEng Nuclear & Risk Engineering)
CityUJS1208UGC-fundedBScAPBSc Applied Physics
CityUJS1210UGC-fundedBEngMAEBEng Materials Science and Engineering
CityUJS1211UGC-fundedBEngBMEBEng Biomedical Engineering
CityUJS1801UGC-fundedBVMBachelor of Veterinary Medicine

Hong Kong Baptist University

Institution / Scheme JUPAS Catalogue No. Funding Category Programme Short Name Programme Full Title
HKBUJS2020UGC-fundedBABachelor of Arts
HKBUJS2030UGC-fundedBA(MUSIC)Bachelor of Arts in Music
HKBUJS2040UGC-fundedBA(ELL)&BEd(ELT)English Language & Literature and English Language Teaching (Double Degree)
HKBUJS2050UGC-fundedBMUSIC(CI)Bachelor of Music in Creative Industries
HKBUJS2110UGC-fundedBBA(ACCT)Bachelor of Business Administration - Accounting Concentration
HKBUJS2120UGC-fundedBBABachelor of Business Administration
HKBUJS2130UGC-fundedBBA(ECON)Bachelor of Business Administration - Applied Economics Concentration
HKBUJS2140UGC-fundedBBA(ENTP)Bachelor of Business Administration - Entrepreneurship Concentration
HKBUJS2150UGC-fundedBBA(FINE)Bachelor of Business Administration - Finance Concentration
HKBUJS2160UGC-fundedBBA(HRMN)Bachelor of Business Administration - Human Resources Management Concentration
HKBUJS2170UGC-fundedBBA(ISEM)Bachelor of Business Administration - Information Systems and e-Business Management Concentration
HKBUJS2180UGC-fundedBBA(MKTG)Bachelor of Business Administration - Marketing Concentration
HKBUJS2310UGC-fundedBCOMMBachelor of Communication
HKBUJS2320UGC-fundedBCOMM(AMA)Bachelor of Communication - Film Major - Animation and Media Arts Concentration
HKBUJS2330UGC-fundedBCOMM(FTV)Bachelor of Communication - Film Major - Film and Television Concentration
HKBUJS2410UGC-fundedBCM&BSc(BIOMED)Bachelor of Chinese Medicine and Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Science
HKBUJS2420UGC-fundedBPharmBachelor of Pharmacy in Chinese Medicine
HKBUJS2510UGC-fundedBScBachelor of Science
HKBUJS2610UGC-fundedBA/ BSocScBachelor of Arts/ Bachelor of Social Sciences (Geography/ Government & International Studies/ History/ Sociology)
HKBUJS2620UGC-fundedBA(PERM)Bachelor of Arts in Physical Education and Recreation Management
HKBUJS2630UGC-fundedBSocSc(EURO-FREN)Bachelor of Social Sciences in European Studies - French Stream
HKBUJS2640UGC-fundedBSocSc(EURO-GERM)Bachelor of Social Sciences in European Studies - German Stream
HKBUJS2650UGC-fundedBSocSc(CHINASTUDIES)Bachelor of Social Sciences in China Studies (Economics/ Geography/ History/ Sociology)
HKBUJS2660UGC-fundedBSWBachelor of Social Work
HKBUJS2680UGC-fundedBA/BSocSc&BEd(LS)Geography/ History/ Sociology and Liberal Studies Teaching (Double Degree)
HKBUJS2690UGC-fundedBA/BSocSc&BEd(PSHE)Geography/ History/ Sociology and Personal, Social and Humanities Education Teaching (Double Degree)
HKBUJS2810UGC-fundedBA(VA)Bachelor of Arts in Visual Arts
HKBUJS2910UGC-fundedBSc(BCDA)Bachelor of Science in Business Computing and Data Analytics

Lingnan University

Institution / Scheme JUPAS Catalogue No. Funding Category Programme Short Name Programme Full Title
LingnanUJS7100UGC-fundedBA (Hons)Bachelor of Arts (Honours)
LingnanUJS7101UGC-fundedBA (Hons) ChineseBachelor of Arts (Honours) in Chinese
LingnanUJS7123UGC-fundedBA (Hons) GLABachelor of Arts (Honours) in Global Liberal Arts
LingnanUJS7200UGC-fundedBBA (Hons)Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours)
LingnanUJS7204UGC-fundedBA (Hons) TranslationBachelor of Arts (Honours) in Translation
LingnanUJS7216UGC-fundedBBA (Hons) - RIMBachelor of Business Administration (Honours) - Risk and Insurance Management
LingnanUJS7225UGC-fundedBSc (Hons) Data ScienceBachelor of Science (Honours) in Data Science
LingnanUJS7300UGC-fundedBSocSc (Hons)Bachelor of Social Sciences (Honours)
LingnanUJS7503UGC-fundedBA (Hons) Contem EnglishBachelor of Arts (Honours) in Contemporary English Studies
LingnanUJS7606UGC-fundedBA (Hons) Cultural StudBachelor of Arts (Honours) in Cultural Studies
LingnanUJS7709UGC-fundedBA (Hons) HistoryBachelor of Arts (Honours) in History
LingnanUJS7802UGC-fundedBA (Hons) PhilosophyBachelor of Arts (Honours) in Philosophy
LingnanUJS7905UGC-fundedBA (Hons) Visual StudiesBachelor of Arts (Honours) in Visual Studies

The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Institution / Scheme JUPAS Catalogue No. Funding Category Programme Short Name Programme Full Title
CUHKJS4018UGC-fundedCHI LANG & LITChinese Language and Literature
CUHKJS4020UGC-fundedCULTURAL STUDIESCultural Studies
CUHKJS4022UGC-fundedCULTURAL MANAGEMENTCultural Management
CUHKJS4044UGC-fundedFINE ARTSFine Arts
CUHKJS4068UGC-fundedJAPANESE STUDIESJapanese Studies
CUHKJS4109UGC-fundedRELIGIONReligious Studies
CUHKJS4136UGC-fundedCHINESE STUDIESChinese Studies
CUHKJS4202UGC-fundedINTEGRATED BBAIntegrated Bachelor of Business Administration Programme
CUHKJS4214UGC-fundedGBSGlobal Business Studies
CUHKJS4226UGC-fundedHOSP & REAL ESTHospitality and Real Estate
CUHKJS4238UGC-fundedIFAAInsurance, Financial and Actuarial Analysis
CUHKJS4240UGC-fundedPROF ACCOUNTANCYProfessional Accountancy
CUHKJS4252UGC-fundedQFINQuantitative Finance
CUHKJS4254UGC-fundedGLEFInterdisciplinary Major Programme in Global Economics and Finance
CUHKJS4264UGC-fundedBBA-JDBachelor of Business Administration (Integrated BBA Programme) and Juris Doctor Double Degree Programme
CUHKJS4276UGC-fundedQFRMQuantitative Finance and Risk Management Science
CUHKJS4288UGC-fundedIBCEInternational Business and Chinese Enterprise
CUHKJS4329UGC-fundedPHY ED, EX SCI & HEALTHPhysical Education, Exercise Science and Health
CUHKJS4331UGC-fundedBA (CHI) BEd (CHI EDU)B.A. (Chinese Language Studies) and B.Ed. (Chinese Language Education)
CUHKJS4343UGC-fundedBA (ENG) BEd (ENG EDU)B.A. (English Studies) and B.Ed. (English Language Education)
CUHKJS4361UGC-fundedMATHS EDUCATIONB.Ed. in Mathematics and Mathematics Education
CUHKJS4372UGC-fundedBEd (ECE)B.Ed. in Early Childhood Education
CUHKJS4428UGC-fundedBENG FINTECHBEng in Financial Technology
CUHKJS4434UGC-fundedELEGBEng in Electronic Engineering
CUHKJS4460UGC-fundedBMEGBEng in Biomedical Engineering
CUHKJS4462UGC-fundedEEENBEng in Energy and Environmental Engineering
CUHKJS4468UGC-fundedAISTBEng in Artificial Intelligence: Systems and Technologies
CUHKJS4501UGC-fundedMBChBMedicine (MBChB) Programme
CUHKJS4502UGC-fundedMBChB-GPSMedicine (MBChB) Programme Global Physician-Leadership Stream (GPS)
CUHKJS4537UGC-fundedPUBLIC HEALTHPublic Health
CUHKJS4542UGC-fundedCHIN MEDICINEChinese Medicine
CUHKJS4550UGC-fundedBIOMEDICAL SCIENCESBiomedical Sciences
CUHKJS4633UGC-fundedESSC (AS / GEO)Earth System Science (Atmospheric Science / Geophysics)
CUHKJS4682UGC-fundedENRICHMENT MATHEMATICSEnrichment Mathematics
CUHKJS4690UGC-fundedTHEORETICAL PHYSICSEnrichment Stream in Theoretical Physics
CUHKJS4719UGC-fundedRISK MGT SCIRisk Management Science
CUHKJS4801UGC-fundedSOCIAL SCIENCESocial Science
CUHKJS4812UGC-fundedARCHITECTUREArchitectural Studies
CUHKJS4836UGC-fundedGEO & RES MGTGeography and Resource Management
CUHKJS4838UGC-fundedURBAN STUDIESUrban Studies
CUHKJS4848UGC-fundedGOV'T & PUBLIC ADMINGovernment and Public Administration
CUHKJS4850UGC-fundedJOURNALISM & COMMUNJournalism and Communication
CUHKJS4858UGC-fundedGLOBAL COMMGlobal Communication
CUHKJS4874UGC-fundedSOCIAL WORKSocial Work
CUHKJS4892UGC-fundedGLOBAL STUDIESGlobal Studies
CUHKJS4893UGC-fundedDSPSData Science and Policy Studies
CUHKJS4903UGC-fundedLLBBachelor of Laws

The Education University of Hong Kong

Institution / Scheme JUPAS Catalogue No. Funding Category Programme Short Name Programme Full Title
EdUHKJS8105UGC-fundedBEd(CHI)Bachelor of Education (Honours) (Chinese Language)
EdUHKJS8222UGC-fundedBEd(ENG)-PriBachelor of Education (Honours) (English Language) - Primary
EdUHKJS8234UGC-fundedBEd(P)-GSBachelor of Education (Honours) (Primary) - General Studies
EdUHKJS8246UGC-fundedBEd(P)-MABachelor of Education (Honours) (Primary) - Mathematics
EdUHKJS8325UGC-fundedBEd(PE)Bachelor of Education (Honours) (Physical Education)
EdUHKJS8361UGC-fundedBEd(S)-ICTBachelor of Education (Honours) (Secondary) - Information and Communication Technology
EdUHKJS8371UGC-fundedBEd(BAFS)Bachelor of Education (Honours) (Business, Accounting and Financial Studies)
EdUHKJS8391UGC-fundedBEd(S)-MABachelor of Education (Honours) (Secondary) in Mathematics
EdUHKJS8404UGC-fundedBEd(ECE)Bachelor of Education (Honours) (Early Childhood Education)
EdUHKJS8416UGC-fundedBEd(CHI HIST)Bachelor of Education (Honours) (Chinese History)
EdUHKJS8428UGC-fundedBEd(GEOG)Bachelor of Education (Honours) (Geography)
EdUHKJS8430UGC-fundedBEd(Science)Bachelor of Education (Honours) (Science)
EdUHKJS8507UGC-fundedHD(ECE)Higher Diploma in Early Childhood Education
EdUHKJS8600UGC-fundedBA(Lang Studies)-CNBachelor of Arts (Honours) in Language Studies (Chinese Major)
EdUHKJS8612UGC-fundedBA(Lang Studies)-EGBachelor of Arts (Honours) in Language Studies (English Major)
EdUHKJS8624UGC-fundedBSocSc(GES)Bachelor of Social Sciences (Honours) in Global and Environmental Studies
EdUHKJS8636UGC-fundedBA(CAC)-MUBachelor of Arts (Honours) in Creative Arts and Culture (Music)
EdUHKJS8648UGC-fundedBA(CAC)-VABachelor of Arts (Honours) in Creative Arts and Culture (Visual Arts)
EdUHKJS8651UGC-fundedBSocSc(Psy)Bachelor of Social Sciences (Honours) in Psychology
EdUHKJS8663UGC-fundedBA(SE)Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Special Education
EdUHKJS8801UGC-fundedBA(CAC) & BEd(MU)Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Creative Arts and Culture and Bachelor of Education (Honours) (Music) Co-terminal Double Degree Programme
EdUHKJS8813UGC-fundedBA(CAC) & BEd(VA)Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Creative Arts and Culture and Bachelor of Education (Honours) (Visual Arts) Co-terminal Double Degree Programme
EdUHKJS8825UGC-fundedBA(Lang Studies)&BEd(EL)Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Language Studies and Bachelor of Education (Honours) (English Language) Co-terminal Double Degree Programme

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Institution / Scheme JUPAS Catalogue No. Funding Category Programme Short Name Programme Full Title
PolyUJS3014UGC-fundedHD APP PHYHD in Applied Physics
PolyUJS3026UGC-fundedHD BLDG SERV ENGGHD in Building Services Engineering
PolyUJS3038UGC-fundedHD BLDG TECH & MGT(ENGG)HD in Building Technology & Management (Engineering)
PolyUJS3040UGC-fundedHD CHEM TECHHD in Chemical Technology
PolyUJS3052UGC-fundedHD CIVIL ENGGHD in Civil Engineering
PolyUJS3064UGC-fundedHD ELECTRICAL ENGGHD in Electrical Engineering
PolyUJS3076UGC-fundedHD ELECTRONIC INFO ENGGHD in Electronic & Information Engineering
PolyUJS3105UGC-fundedHD LAND SUR & GEO-INFOHD in Land Surveying and Geo-Informatics
PolyUJS3117UGC-fundedHD INDUSTRIAL & SYS ENGGHD in Industrial & Systems Engineering
PolyUJS3284UGC-fundedHD BLDG TECH & MGT(SURV)HD in Building Technology & Management (Surveying)
PolyUJS3337UGC-fundedMENTAL HEALTH NURSINGBSc (Hons) in Mental Health Nursing
PolyUJS3349UGC-fundedFOOD SAFE TECHBSc (Hons) in Food Safety and Technology
PolyUJS3351UGC-fundedTRANS SYS ENGGBEng (Hons) in Transportation Systems Engineering
PolyUJS3375UGC-fundedENV & SUSTAIN DEVELOPBEng (Hons) in Environmental Engineering & Sustainable Development
PolyUJS3387UGC-fundedLAND SUR & GEO-INFOBSc (Hons) in Land Surveying and Geo-Informatics
PolyUJS3442UGC-fundedPROPERTY MGTBSc (Hons) in Property Management
PolyUJS3466UGC-fundedACCT & FINANCEBBA (Hons) in Accounting & Finance
PolyUJS3478UGC-fundedMED LAB SCIBSc (Hons) in Medical Laboratory Science
PolyUJS3480UGC-fundedBD LANG, CULT & COMMBroad Discipline of Language, Culture & Communication
PolyUJS3492UGC-fundedFASHION & TEXTILESBA (Hons) Scheme in Fashion and Textiles
PolyUJS3507UGC-fundedAVIATION ENGGBEng (Hons) in Aviation Engineering
PolyUJS3519UGC-fundedINT & MULTI MEDIA TECHBSc (Hons) in Internet & Multimedia Technologies
PolyUJS3533UGC-fundedGLOBAL SUPP CHAIN MGTBBA (Hons) in Global Supply Chain Management
PolyUJS3557UGC-fundedPROD & INDUSTRIAL ENGGBEng (Hons) Scheme in Product and Industrial Engineering
PolyUJS3569UGC-fundedDESIGNBA (Hons) Scheme in Design
PolyUJS3571UGC-fundedLOG & ENTERPRISE ENGGBSc (Hons) Scheme in Logistics and Enterprise Engineering
PolyUJS3583UGC-fundedMGTBBA (Hons) in Management
PolyUJS3595UGC-fundedFINANCIAL SERVBBA (Hons) in Financial Services
PolyUJS3600UGC-fundedBIOMEDICAL ENGGBSc (Hons) in Biomedical Engineering
PolyUJS3612UGC-fundedRADIOGRAPHYBSc (Hons) in Radiography
PolyUJS3624UGC-fundedOCCUPATIONAL THERAPYBSc (Hons) in Occupational Therapy
PolyUJS3636UGC-fundedPHYSIOTHERAPYBSc (Hons) in Physiotherapy
PolyUJS3648UGC-fundedNURSINGBSc (Hons) in Nursing
PolyUJS3650UGC-fundedOPTOMETRYBSc (Hons) in Optometry
PolyUJS3662UGC-fundedSOCIAL WORKBA (Hons) in Social Work
PolyUJS3674UGC-fundedINT'L SHIP & TRANS LGTBBA (Hons) in International Shipping & Transport Logistics
PolyUJS3703UGC-fundedELECTRONIC & INFO ENGGBEng (Hons) in Electronic & Information Engineering
PolyUJS3715UGC-fundedELECTRICAL ENGGBEng (Hons) in Electrical Engineering
PolyUJS3739UGC-fundedCIVIL ENGGBEng (Hons) in Civil Engineering
PolyUJS3741UGC-fundedMECHANICAL ENGGBEng (Hons) Scheme in Mechanical Engineering
PolyUJS3753UGC-fundedBLDG SERV ENGGBEng (Hons) in Building Services Engineering
PolyUJS3765UGC-fundedSOC POLICY & SOC ENTREPRBA (Hons) in Social Policy & Social Entrepreneurship
PolyUJS3777UGC-fundedSUS STRUCT & FIRE ENGGBEng (Hons) in Sustainable Structural and Fire Engineering
PolyUJS3789UGC-fundedSURVEYINGBSc (Hons) in Surveying
PolyUJS3791UGC-fundedBLDG ENGG & MGTBSc (Hons) in Building Engineering and Management
PolyUJS3806UGC-fundedINV SCI & FIN ANALYTICSBSc (Hons) in Investment Science and Finance Analytics
PolyUJS3820UGC-fundedTOUR & EVENTS MGTBSc (Hons) in Tourism & Events Management
PolyUJS3868UGC-fundedBD COMPUTINGBroad Discipline of Computing
PolyUJS3882UGC-fundedHOTEL MGTBSc (Hons) in Hotel Management
PolyUJS3894UGC-fundedMARKETINGBBA (Hons) in Marketing
PolyUJS3911UGC-fundedACCOUNTANCYBBA (Hons) in Accountancy
PolyUJS3923UGC-fundedAPP BIOBSc (Hons) in Applied Biology with Biotechnology
PolyUJS3985UGC-fundedENGG PHYBSc (Hons) in Engineering Physics
PolyUJS3997UGC-fundedCHEM TECHBSc (Hons) in Chemical Technology

The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Institution / Scheme JUPAS Catalogue No. Funding Category Programme Short Name Programme Full Title
HKUSTJS5101UGC-fundedIREInternational Research Enrichment
HKUSTJS5211UGC-fundedISDNBSc Integrative Systems and Design
HKUSTJS5300UGC-fundedB&MBusiness and Management
HKUSTJS5311UGC-fundedECONBBA Economics
HKUSTJS5312UGC-fundedFINABBA Finance
HKUSTJS5313UGC-fundedGBUSBBA Global Business
HKUSTJS5314UGC-fundedISBBA Information Systems
HKUSTJS5315UGC-fundedMGMTBBA Management
HKUSTJS5316UGC-fundedMARKBBA Marketing
HKUSTJS5317UGC-fundedOMBBA Operations Management
HKUSTJS5318UGC-fundedACCTBBA Professional Accounting
HKUSTJS5331UGC-fundedECOFBSc Economics and Finance
HKUSTJS5332UGC-fundedQFINBSc Quantitative Finance
HKUSTJS5411UGC-fundedGCSBSc Global China Studies
HKUSTJS5412UGC-fundedQSABSc Quantitative Social Analysis
HKUSTJS5811UGC-fundedBIBUBSc Biotechnology and Business
HKUSTJS5812UGC-fundedEVMTBSc Environmental Management and Technology
HKUSTJS5813UGC-fundedMAECBSc Mathematics and Economics
HKUSTJS5814UGC-fundedRMBIBSc Risk Management and Business Intelligence
HKUSTJS5901UGC-fundedT&M-DDPBEng/BSc & BBA Dual Degree Program in Technology and Management

The University of Hong Kong

Institution / Scheme JUPAS Catalogue No. Funding Category Programme Short Name Programme Full Title
HKUJS6004UGC-fundedBA(AS)Bachelor of Arts in Architectural Studies
HKUJS6016UGC-fundedBSC(SURV)Bachelor of Science in Surveying
HKUJS6028UGC-fundedBA(LS)Bachelor of Arts in Landscape Studies
HKUJS6030UGC-fundedBA(Conservation)Bachelor of Arts in Conservation
HKUJS6042UGC-fundedBA(US)Bachelor of Arts in Urban Studies
HKUJS6054UGC-fundedBABachelor of Arts
HKUJS6066UGC-fundedBA&BED(LangEd)-EngBachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Education in Language Education - English (double degree)
HKUJS6078UGC-fundedBA&LLBBachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Laws (double degree)
HKUJS6080UGC-fundedBA&BED(LangEd)-ChinBachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Education in Language Education - Chinese (double degree)
HKUJS6092UGC-fundedBED(ECE&SE)Bachelor of Education in Early Childhood Education and Special Education
HKUJS6107UGC-fundedBDSBachelor of Dental Surgery
HKUJS6119UGC-fundedBED&BSCBachelor of Education and Bachelor of Science (double degree)
HKUJS6157UGC-fundedBSC(SPEECH)Bachelor of Science in Speech and Hearing Sciences
HKUJS6195UGC-fundedBED&BSSBachelor of Education and Bachelor of Social Sciences (double degree)
HKUJS6212UGC-fundedBAScBachelor of Arts and Sciences
HKUJS6224UGC-fundedBASc(AppliedAI)Bachelor of Arts and Sciences in Applied Artificial Intelligence
HKUJS6236UGC-fundedBASc(Design+)Bachelor of Arts and Sciences in Design+
HKUJS6248UGC-fundedBASc(FinTech)Bachelor of Arts and Sciences in Financial Technology
HKUJS6250UGC-fundedBASc(GHD)Bachelor of Arts and Sciences in Global Health and Development
HKUJS6406UGC-fundedLLBBachelor of Laws
HKUJS6456UGC-fundedMBBSBachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery
HKUJS6468UGC-fundedBNURSBachelor of Nursing
HKUJS6482UGC-fundedBChinMedBachelor of Chinese Medicine
HKUJS6494UGC-fundedBPharmBachelor of Pharmacy
HKUJS6717UGC-fundedBSSBachelor of Social Sciences
HKUJS6729UGC-fundedBSC(AC)Bachelor of Science in Actuarial Science
HKUJS6731UGC-fundedBSWBachelor of Social Work
HKUJS6767UGC-fundedBEcon/BEcon&FinBachelor of Economics / Bachelor of Economics and Finance
HKUJS6781UGC-fundedBBA/BBA(Acc&Fin)Bachelor of Business Administration / Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting and Finance
HKUJS6793UGC-fundedBBA(IS)Bachelor of Business Administration (Information Systems)
HKUJS6808UGC-fundedBBA(Law)&LLBBachelor of Business Administration (Law) and Bachelor of Laws (double degree)
HKUJS6810UGC-fundedBSS(GL)&LLBBachelor of Social Sciences (Government and Laws) and Bachelor of Laws (double degree)
HKUJS6822UGC-fundedBJBachelor of Journalism
HKUJS6860UGC-fundedBFin(AMPB)Bachelor of Finance in Asset Management and Private Banking
HKUJS6884UGC-fundedBSc(QFin)Bachelor of Science in Quantitative Finance
HKUJS6896UGC-fundedBBA(IBGM)Bachelor of Business Administration in International Business and Global Management
HKUJS6901UGC-fundedBSCBachelor of Science
HKUJS6925UGC-fundedBENG(BME)Bachelor of Engineering in Biomedical Engineering
HKUJS6949UGC-fundedBBiomedScBachelor of Biomedical Sciences
HKUJS6951UGC-fundedBENG(EngSc)Bachelor of Engineering in Engineering Science
HKUJS6963UGC-fundedBENGBachelor of Engineering

The Open University of Hong Kong

Institution / Scheme JUPAS Catalogue No. Funding Category Programme Short Name Programme Full Title
OUHKJS9001Self-financingBSSc (Hons) PsychologyBachelor of Social Sciences with Honours in Psychology
OUHKJS9003Self-financingBSSc(Hons)Poltics&PubAdmBachelor of Social Sciences with Honours in Politics and Public Administration
OUHKJS9004Self-financingBSSc (Hons) App Soc StudBachelor of Social Sciences with Honours in Applied Social Studies
OUHKJS9005Self-financingBSSc (Hons) Glob & ChinaBachelor of Social Sciences with Honours in Global and China Studies
OUHKJS9006Self-financingBSSc(Hons) Ageing & ServBachelor of Social Sciences with Honours in Ageing Society and Services Studies
OUHKJS9011Self-financingBA (Hons) ChineseBachelor of Arts with Honours in Chinese
OUHKJS9013Self-financingBA(Hons) LangStud & TranBachelor of Arts with Honours in Language Studies and Translation
OUHKJS9016Self-financingBA(Hons)CreAd&MediaDesigBachelor of Arts with Honours in Creative Advertising and Media Design
OUHKJS9017Self-financingBA (Hons) Eng & Comp LitBachelor of Arts with Honours in English and Comparative Literature
OUHKJS9220Self-financingBBA (Hons) Pro AcctBachelor of Business Administration with Honours in Professional Accounting
OUHKJS9222Self-financingBBA(Hons) Acct & TaxBachelor of Business Administration with Honours in Accounting and Taxation
OUHKJS9230Self-financingBBA (Hons) Business MgtBachelor of Business Administration with Honours in Business Management
OUHKJS9240Self-financingBBA(Hons)GB & MktgBachelor of Business Administration with Honours in Global Business and Marketing
OUHKJS9250Self-financingBBA(Hons)Corp GovernanceBachelor of Business Administration with Honours in Corporate Governance
OUHKJS9275Self-financingBBA(Hons) Fin & Real EstBachelor of Business Administration with Honours in Finance and Real Estate
OUHKJS9280Self-financingBAPH & BBMHBachelor of Applied Psychology with Honours, Bachelor of Business Management with Honours
OUHKJS9291Self-financingBBA(Hons)Hotel &SustTourBachelor of Business Administration with Honours in Hotel and Sustainable Tourism Management
OUHKJS9294Self-financingBBA(Hons) eSports MgtBachelor of Business Administration with Honours in Sports and eSports Management
OUHKJS9530Self-financingBEd(Hons)&BEngLang(Hons)Bachelor of Education with Honours in English Language Teaching and Bachelor of English Language Studies with Honours
OUHKJS9540Self-financingBEng Lang (Hons)Bachelor of English Language Studies with Honours
OUHKJS9550Self-financingBLang(Hons) Applied ChinBachelor of Language Studies with Honours (Applied Chinese Language Studies)
OUHKJS9560Self-financingBEd(Hons)&BLang(Hons)ChiBachelor of Education with Honours (Chinese Language Teaching) and Bachelor of Language Studies with Honours (Applied Chinese Language Studies)
OUHKJS9570Self-financingBLang(Hons)BGBus(Hons)Bachelor of Language Studies with Honours (Bilingual Communication), Bachelor of Global Business with Honours
OUHKJS9580Self-financingBEd(Hons)ECE-Leader&SENBachelor of Education with Honours in Early Childhood Education (Leadership and Special Educational Needs)
OUHKJS9720Self-financingBEng(Hons)Elec & CompEngBachelor of Engineering with Honours in Electronic and Computer Engineering
OUHKJS9768Self-financingBSc(Hons)Test Sci & CertBachelor of Science with Honours in Testing Science and Certification

Study Subsidy Scheme for Designated Professions / Sectors

Institution / Scheme JUPAS Catalogue No. Funding Category Programme Short Name Programme Full Title
SSSDPJSSA01SSSDPBN (Hons)Offered by CIHE: Bachelor of Nursing (Honours)
SSSDPJSSA02SSSDPBScDE (Hons)Offered by CIHE: Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Digital Entertainment
SSSDPJSSC02SSSDPB.Sc (Hons) in ArchOffered by CHC: Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Architecture
SSSDPJSSC03SSSDPB.Sc (Hons) in CSOffered by CHC: Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Computer Science
SSSDPJSSH01SSSDPBBA-SCMOffered by HSUHK: Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours) in Supply Chain Management
SSSDPJSSH02SSSDPBSC-AINOffered by HSUHK: Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Actuarial Studies and Insurance
SSSDPJSSH03SSSDPBA-AHCCOffered by HSUHK: Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Applied and Human-Centred Computing
SSSDPJSSH04SSSDPBSC-DSBIOffered by HSUHK: Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Data Science and Business Intelligence
SSSDPJSSH05SSSDPBMSIMOffered by HSUHK: Bachelor of Management Science and Information Management (Honours)
SSSDPJSST01SSSDPBHSc(N)Offered by TWC: Bachelor of Health Science (Honours) in Nursing
SSSDPJSST02SSSDPBSc(MLSc)Offered by TWC: Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Medical Laboratory Science
SSSDPJSST03SSSDPBSc(RT)Offered by TWC: Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Radiation Therapy
SSSDPJSST04SSSDPBSc(OT)Offered by TWC: Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Occupational Therapy
SSSDPJSST05SSSDPBSc(PT)Offered by TWC: Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Physiotherapy
SSSDPJSSU12SSSDPBA(Hons) CreWri&FilmArtsOffered by OUHK: Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Creative Writing and Film Arts
SSSDPJSSU14SSSDPBFA (Hons) Animation VEOffered by OUHK: Bachelor of Fine Arts with Honours in Animation and Visual Effects
SSSDPJSSU15SSSDPBFA (Hons) CinematicDOffered by OUHK: Bachelor of Fine Arts with Honours in Cinematic Design and Photographic Digital Art
SSSDPJSSU40SSSDPBNursing (Hons) GeneralOffered by OUHK: Bachelor of Nursing with Honours in General Health Care
SSSDPJSSU50SSSDPBNursing (Hons) MentalOffered by OUHK: Bachelor of Nursing with Honours in Mental Health Care
SSSDPJSSU65SSSDPBEng (Hons) Test & CertOffered by OUHK: Bachelor of Engineering with Honours in Testing and Certification
SSSDPJSSU71SSSDPBComp(Hons)Internet TechOffered by OUHK: Bachelor of Computing with Honours in Internet Technology
SSSDPJSSU90SSSDPB Intl Hospitality(Hons)Offered by OUHK: Bachelor of International Hospitality and Attractions Management with Honours
SSSDPJSSU92SSSDPBBA(Hons) BI & AnalyticsOffered by OUHK: Bachelor of Business Administration with Honours in Business Intelligence and Analytics
SSSDPJSSU95SSSDPB(Hons)Sports & R MgntOffered by OUHK: Bachelor of Sports and Recreation Management with Honours
SSSDPJSSU96SSSDPBBA (Hons) FintechOffered by OUHK: Bachelor of Business Administration with Honours in Financial Technology and Innovation
SSSDPJSSU97SSSDPBBA (Hons) GM & SC MgtOffered by OUHK: Bachelor of Business Administration with Honours in Global Marketing and Supply Chain Management
SSSDPJSSV01SSSDPBA(FD)Offered by VTC-THEi: Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Fashion Design
SSSDPJSSV02SSSDPBA(PD)Offered by VTC-THEi: Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Product Design
SSSDPJSSV03SSSDPBA(LA)Offered by VTC-THEi: Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Landscape Architecture
SSSDPJSSV04SSSDPBA(CAM)Offered by VTC-THEi: Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Culinary Arts and Management
SSSDPJSSV05SSSDPBEng(CE)Offered by VTC-THEi: Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Civil Engineering
SSSDPJSSV06SSSDPBEng(EEM)Offered by VTC-THEi: Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Environmental Engineering and Management
SSSDPJSSV07SSSDPBA(HLM)Offered by VTC-THEi: Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Horticulture and Landscape Management
SSSDPJSSV08SSSDPBSc(SUR)Offered by VTC-THEi: Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Surveying
SSSDPJSSV09SSSDPBSocSc(SRM)Offered by VTC-THEi: Bachelor of Social Sciences (Honours) in Sports and Recreation Management
SSSDPJSSV10SSSDPBEng(BSE)Offered by VTC-THEi: Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Building Services Engineering
SSSDPJSSV11SSSDPBSc(MTI)Offered by VTC-THEi: Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Multimedia Technology and Innovation
SSSDPJSSV12SSSDPBSc(ICT)Offered by VTC-THEi: Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Information and Communications Technology