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Hong Kong Baptist University


Bachelor of Arts in Visual Arts 視覺藝術文學士


Short Description

Programme Vision

Developments within the visual arts in the last century have introduced new processes and situations, which have resulted in an expanded notion of creative practice beyond the traditional concepts of art and/or design, bringing forward new practices that are no longer based upon strictly distinguished disciplines or particular media, but are rather a hybrid of many. Accordingly, the BA (Hons) in Visual Arts programme operates in the interdisciplinary area of creative practice that lies across and between media, thus it does not distinguish between fine arts and design. Instead at the Academy of Visual Arts we consider all creative disciplines as equally valuable outlets for creative ideas and concepts.

Teaching Philosophy

The BA (Hons) in Visual Arts Programme at the Academy of Visual Arts is a professional degree that focuses on intensive practice-led work in the visual arts supported by a programme in General Education. It emphasises creativity, versatility, and intelligent articulation, thus enabling its graduates to enter professional, studio-based careers in such fields as studio arts, design, and/or craft after earning the degree. Our BA-students have the opportunity to develop technical competencies, informed aesthetic judgment, and an understanding of the context in which contemporary work is created, rooted in the ever-shifting cultural climate of creative production.

Programme Structure

The BA (Hons) in Visual Arts Programme is a comprehensive study programme in visual arts that incorporates subjects from across the scope of fine arts, design, craft and art theory.

As a guiding principle of the programme students will progress from breadth to depth over the time of study. Accordingly upon entry to the programme and completion of the required introductory courses, all students may choose electives that match with their personal preferences, their talent, and/or professional career intentions. Based on their choices in Year 2 they will further choose their courses in Year 3 and Year 4, thereby gradually developing a focus in their studies, which will finally articulate in one of two available programme Concentrations:

- Studio & Media Arts (SMA); OR
- Craft & Design (CD).

Career Prospects

The majority our graduates are full-time employed, work in their own businesses or as freelancers. Among the fulltime/self-employed graduates, the greater part works in the creative and cultural sectors, with a significant proportion also in visual arts education, or in public relations and communication, marketing or research. 


Students may have the option of taking an integrated programme by extending their undergraduate study by one year, leading to the award of a bachelor's degree in that Major plus a Diploma in Education.

Programme Website


  • Programme Entrance Requirements
  • General Entrance Requirements
Core Subjects Minimum Level
Elective Subject(s) Minimum Level

(1) Candidates are required to submit a portfolio for assessment. Shortlisted candidates are required to attend practical tests and an interview. Interview performance will be specially considered. For portfolio submission guidelines, assessment details as well as schedules, please visit:
(2) High choice banding in JUPAS application is preferred.


Note 1: This programme will consider the following as unspecified elective subject:

a. Extended Part of Mathematics (Module 1 or Module 2);

b. Other Language subjects at Grade E or above;

c. "Attained with Distinction (I)" or above in Applied Learning subjects below:
    - Commercial Comic Art
    - Computer Game and Animation Design
    - Fashion and Image Design
    - Film and Video
    - Film and Video Studies
    - Image Design
    - Innovative Product Design
    - Interior Design
    - Introduction to Theatre Arts
    - Jewellery and Accessories Design
    - Jewellery Arts and Design
    - Magazine Editing and Production
    - Multimedia Entertainment Studies
    - The Essentials of Dramatic Arts

Core Subjects Minimum Level
Elective Subject(s) Minimum Level

Note 1: For Non-Chinese Speaking (NCS) students, alternative Chinese Language qualifications deemed acceptable by the University are listed in the website:

Note 2: Equivalences to Level 3 in English are listed in the website:

Note 3: The Elective Subject can be any HKDSE Category A elective subjects excluding Extended Part of Mathematics (Module 1 or Module 2). Some of the Programmes will consider Extended Part of Mathematics (Module 1 or Module 2), HKDSE Category B subjects (Applied Learning) or 
Category C subjects (Other Languages) as unspecified elective subjects. Please refer to the programme admissions requirements of individual programmes for details.

Calculation of scores for applicants with more than 1 sitting in HKDSE Examination

For 2018 entry, we accept repeat results and will count the best results for meeting our entrance requirements and for the calculation of admission scores. The arrangement for 2019 entry and onwards is subject to confirmation after a review of the experience in the former exercises.

First Year Tuition Fee

HK$ 42,100


Admissions Office


Tel: 3411 2200


Application Statistics (after Modification of Programme Choices)

Year Band A Band B Band C Band D Band E Total
2017 1010 522 601 578 408 3119
2016 940 610 682 692 487 3411
2015 965 643 776 817 626 3827
2014 1237 806 863 881 707 4494
2013 1347 761 931 903 735 4677
2012 1106 660 804 838 657 4065

Offer Statistics (as at the Announcement of the Main Round Offer Results)

Year Band A Band B Band C Band D Band E Total
2017 57 0 0 0 0 57
2016 57 0 0 0 0 57
2015 49 0 0 0 0 49
2014 51 0 0 0 0 51
2013 46 0 0 0 0 46
2012 50 0 0 0 0 50