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Hong Kong Baptist University


Bachelor of Arts/ Bachelor of Social Sciences (Geography/ Government & International Studies/ History/ Sociology) 文學士/ 社會科學學士 (地理/ 政治及國際關係學/ 歷史/ 社會學)

BA/ BSocSc

Short Description

Students will be admitted to the Broad-based Bachelor of Arts/ Bachelor of Social Sciences (Geography/ Government and International Studies/ History/ Sociology) Programme and provided with a broad-based social sciences training in their first year with no specific Majors.  Towards the end of their first year, they will apply for one of the following as their Major based on individual interest and academic performance.

BA(Hons) in History aims to help students develop a holistic perspective of history. It provides a balanced curriculum with equal emphasis on China and the global world. Courses offered cover a variety of topics, periods and regions. It also enables students to conduct historical inquiries effectively and independently thorough training in historical theories, methods and research skills. After completing the programme, students will possess a sound understanding of major events and movements that have shaped the growth of the human community, as well as the skills necessary to trace the historical roots of contemporary issues and to analyse worldwide the impact of individual events.  Students will develop a critical and broadminded attitude toward the traditions and cultural heritage of different civilisations.

Career Opportunities

Teaching, museum and archive work, civil service, cultural affairs, business, the media, publishing, or journalism.


BSocSc(Hons) in Geography provides a solid training in geographical theories and methods, and helps students acquire the intellectual and practical skills to analyse, assess and interpret geographical information both independently and as part of a team. It aims to provide students with a comprehensive knowledge of spatial order and the interdependence of different regions of the world, and a critical understanding of environmental and socio-economic development issues with a focus on global-local connections. The programme also provides students with the ability to apply a variety of geographical techniques and methods to analyse and to interpret diverse people-environment interactions.

Career Opportunities

Commerce/finance, teaching/research, civil service, the media, tourism, administration/management, community/social services, and non-governmental organizations.


BSocSc(Hons) in Government and International Studies provides a programme of study that is intended to give students a firm grasp of the different areas of political science. These cover political sociology (including political institutions, political culture and political behaviour), government and public policy-making, international relations and political economy, political theory and political thought, and political methodology. In geographical terms, the programme focuses on the politics of Hong Kong, Mainland China, the Asia-Pacific region, and the European Union. The programme seeks to sharpen the student’s awareness by incorporating a systematic, comparative and international dimension, drawing both on the China Studies and European Studies Programmes.

Career Opportunities

Public administration and the civil service, public policy institutes, civic groups and non-governmental organizations, welfare services, the media, international organizations and agencies, business and public affairs, education.


BSocSc(Hons) in Sociology is concerned with the study of the complex relationships among individuals, groups and social structures. It places strong emphasis on the integration of theory and research, and offers rigorous training in quantitative and qualitative research skills. More specifically, the programme aims to provide students with (1) knowledge of the persistence and changes in social structures and their relationships with various social institutions; (2) a critical understanding of social values and the meanings of behaviour in different social situations; and (3) the ability to conduct independent research on social issues.

Career Opportunities

Careers in non-governmental organizations, journalism and mass media, tourism, museums, market research, advertising and public relations, social services, education, civil service, administrative management, retail management and human resources management.

In addition, a substantial number of students continue on to postgraduate studies after graduation in Hong Kong and overseas in related professional fields.


Students may have the option of taking an integrated programme by extending their undergraduate study by one year, leading to the award of a bachelor's degree in that Major plus a Diploma in Education.

Programme Website


  • Programme Entrance Requirements
  • General Entrance Requirements
Same as General Entrance Requirements
- These programmes will consider Other Language subjects at Grade E or above as unspecified elective subject.

Core Subjects Minimum Level
Elective Subject(s) Minimum Level

Note 1: For Non-Chinese Speaking (NCS) students, alternative Chinese Language qualifications deemed acceptable by the University are listed in the website:

Note 2: Equivalences to Level 3 in English are listed in the website:

Note 3: The Elective Subject can be any HKDSE Category A elective subjects excluding Extended Part of Mathematics (Module 1 or Module 2). Some of the Programmes will consider Extended Part of Mathematics (Module 1 or Module 2), HKDSE Category B subjects (Applied Learning) or 
Category C subjects (Other Languages) as unspecified elective subjects. Please refer to the programme admissions requirements of individual programmes for details.

Calculation of scores for applicants with more than 1 sitting in HKDSE Examination

For 2018 entry, we accept repeat results and will count the best results for meeting our entrance requirements and for the calculation of admission scores. The arrangement for 2019 entry and onwards is subject to confirmation after a review of the experience in the former exercises.

First Year Tuition Fee

HK$ 42,100


Admissions Office


Tel: 3411 2200


Application Statistics (after Modification of Programme Choices)

Year Band A Band B Band C Band D Band E Total
2017 1255 1426 1836 2144 1361 8022
2016 1136 1622 2372 3022 2018 10170
2015 1003 1718 2962 3782 2630 12095
2014 1578 2064 3337 4374 2990 14343
2013 1009 1654 3017 4563 3472 13715
2012 1809 1983 2783 3853 2723 13151

Offer Statistics (as at the Announcement of the Main Round Offer Results)

Year Band A Band B Band C Band D Band E Total
2017 97 8 4 0 0 109
2016 86 8 1 2 1 98
2015 104 10 2 1 1 118
2014 94 7 0 2 0 103
2013 98 12 2 0 0 112
2012 109 13 0 0 1 123