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City University of Hong Kong

The information in this page is provided by the institution.  Should there be any discrepancies between information listed here and on the institutions' websites, the latter shall prevail.  Please contact the respective institution directly if you have any enquiries.

CityU graduates are always in demand among employers in Hong Kong. CityU's annual survey found that 98.5% of its 2022 Bachelor's degree graduates had secured full-time or part-time jobs or started their own business by the end of 2022.

The private sector was the primary employer for full-time employment, absorbing 75.1% of employed Bachelor's degree graduates, followed by the education sector and non-profit organisations, which collectively employed 21.3% of graduates while the government sector took 3.6%.

Chart: CityU Graduate

CityU graduates are highly commended by employers for their work ethic, interpersonal skills, IT skills and professional knowledge. Feedback from employed graduates reflects the relevance of our academic programmes in the workplace and for their careers. An increasing number of graduates attribute their success in securing jobs to the experience they gained from the work placements or internships in companies or organisations that formed part of their studies.

The majority of students get an early start on their career planning. The Career and Leadership Centre offers an extensive range of career education and development programmes to help students acquire the concepts and skills needed for self-understanding, career planning, job hunting, workplace success and future career development. Students have opportunities to broaden their horizons by joining local, regional and overseas internship programmes. They can also take an active part in the organisation of student development and campus activities through which they can hone their generic skills; especially, communication, collaboration, problem-solving and leadership skills.