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The Education University of Hong Kong

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Bachelor of Education (Honours) (History) 歷史教育榮譽學士


Short Description

The BEd(HIST) programme aims to cultivate students with professional ethics and a global perspective for teaching the subject of history in secondary schools. To achieve this aim, graduates of the programme are expected to possess the relevant pedagogical and curriculum development skills as well as disciplinary knowledge with an emphasis on historical issues of modern times.

Graduates will also possess critical thinking skills to solve problems in a logical and creative way; be able to communicate and interact effectively with others in social and professional contexts; and demonstrate global awareness with high standard of morality.



  • Programme Entrance Requirements
  • General Entrance Requirements
Same as General Entrance Requirements

Priority consideration will be given to applicants who have taken HKDSE History / Chinese History.

Subject weightings may be adopted in the admission score calculation for particular programmes. Please click here for more information.

Core Subjects Minimum Level
Elective Subject(s) Minimum Level

Note: Not more than one Applied Learning subjects, excluding Applied Learning Chinese


(1) Applied Learning (ApL) subject (Category B) graded “Attained with Distinction / Attained with Distinction (I)/(II)” is accepted as one of the elective subjects, excluding Applied Learning Chinese. For Bachelor’s degree, not more than one ApL subject will be counted as having met the requirement of an elective subject.

(2) The Mathematics Extended Part (M1/M2) is counted as an elective subject for the purpose of meeting the University’s GERs, but cannot be used as a substitute for the Mathematics Compulsory Part. If applicants have taken both M1 and M2, only the module with the best result will be taken into consideration.

(3) Other Language subjects (Category C) will be accepted as unspecified elective subjects. The minimum requirement is Grade E.

(4) For non-Chinese speaking (NCS) applicants who have met the specified circumstances as announced by the Education Bureau (EDB), the University accepts the Alternative Chinese Language (ACL) qualifications, such as GCE (A-level / AS-level) (Grade E), GCE (O-Level) (Grade C), GCSE (Grade C / Grade 4), IGCSE (Grade C / Grade 4) and HKDSE ApL(C) (Attained), as equivalent to Level 3 in DSE Chinese Language for meeting the minimum Chinese Language requirements and for calculation of the related admission scores, except for programmes which require students to have possessed a good command of Chinese.

(5) The admission scores will be the sum total of the level/grade values of the best five HKDSE subjects, regardless of whether they are core or elective subjects and excluding the Citizenship and Social Development subject.

(6) For Bachelor's degree programmes, the past result(s) of HKDSE Liberal Studies (Level 2 or above) attained in 2023 or before will be recognised for meeting the Citizenship and Social Development subject requirement in the GERs and will be included in the admission score calculation as long as the result is among the best five HKDSE subjects.

Calculation of scores for applicants with more than 1 sitting in HKDSE Examination

"Combined sittings" is accepted for meeting the GERs and for the calculation of admissions scores. If an applicant has taken the HKDSE examination in a subject more than once, the best result for that subject will be counted. There is no score deduction for repeated subjects.

First Year Tuition Fee

HK$ 42,100


Admission Enquiries


Tel: (852) 2948 6886

Programme Enquiries


Tel: (852) 2948 7964


Application Statistics (after Modification of Programme Choices)

Year Band A Band B Band C Band D Band E Total
2022 383 384 403 420 323 1913
2020 336 356 406 411 326 1835
2018 350 401 438 469 335 1993
2017 322 357 468 459 415 2021
2016 342 351 481 527 416 2117
2015 529 470 542 599 488 2628

Offer Statistics (as at the Announcement of the Main Round Offer Results)

Year Band A Band B Band C Band D Band E Total
2022 11 0 0 0 0 11
2020 9 0 0 0 0 9
2018 24 3 0 0 0 27
2017 25 6 0 0 0 31
2016 24 3 0 0 0 27
2015 27 0 0 0 0 27