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The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Student Services

Academic Advising at PolyU

The 4-year undergraduate curriculum prepares students for success in their chosen professions and nurtures them to be all-rounded global citizens. Under the 4-year undergraduate curriculum, students are required to complete subjects in their major study as well as the 30-credit General University Requirements (GUR) to develop professional competence and strengthenholistic development. To empower students to fulfil the academic requirements, there are two systems of academic advising at PolyU:

  • In the Faculty/department: Academic Advisors in the Faculty/department advise students on Major/Minor study and Free Elective selection
  • At the Office of General University Requirements (OGUR): OGUR Academic Counsellors advise students primarily on GUR study

Students will be assigned to both a Faculty/Department Academic Advisor and an OGUR Academic Counsellor after admission. The Advisors/Counsellors will see their advisees periodically. Please visit OGUR website to learn more about academic advising at PolyU (

Academic Support Services

Sophisticated learning resources and tailor-made activities help students to further develop their all-roundedness, achieve academic excellence and gain professional competencies. These include:

Careers and Placement Services

The mission of the Office of Careers and Placement Services (CAPS), Centre STARS is to support the goal of University to nurture all-round global citizens for Hong Kong and beyond. CAPS has been striving to contribute to this goal by providing a link between employers and students to facilitate students’ career planning and optimise their career development. We provide comprehensive career guidance, resources and services to PolyU students, include the following:

  • Career development and training programmes that help students identify career interests, prepare for the real-life working environment and hone their job-search skills.
  • One-to-one / small group career advising and guidance that optimise students’ career development.
  • International, mainland and local Work-Integrated Education (WIE) opportunities for students’ fulfilment of WIE requirements.
  • Recruitment talks, career fairs, senior executive sharing, and mentorship programmes that provide opportunities for students to meet, network with, and solicit jobs from prospective employers.
  • PolyU Job Board ( and Joint Institutions Job Information System (JIJIS) that are job searching platforms for part-time/graduate jobs and internship opportunities.

For further information, please visit CAPS’s website at

Health Care Services

Services available to full-time students include medical consultations, emergency care, minor operative treatments, immunisation certification on health examinations, nursing care and subsidised primary dental care etc. The UHS Traditional Chinese Medicine clinic offers general Chinese medicine clinical consultations, acupuncture, bone-setting and one-stop-shop herbal medicine dispensing service to full-time students.

Scholarships and Financial Assistance

Scholarships and prizes are available. Applicants who have attained outstanding public examination results or have non-academic achievements at the international level will have the chance to be awarded entry scholarships upon admission.

Moreover, eligible students can apply for financial assistance administrated by the Government of the HKSAR and PolyU.

For details, please visit our webpages:

Student Activities and Services

Centre STARS is committed to offer a wide range of co-curricular activities that aim to enhance students’ holistic development and nurture all-round graduates. The following are some examples:

  • Wellness-in-Action Programme
  • Extra-Curricular Enrichment for Lifelong Learners (EXCELL) Programme
  • Global Student Ambassador Programme
  • Inclusion Awareness Campaign
  • Student Integration and Cultural Exchange Activities
  • Athletic Sports Skill Training
  • Student Athlete Development Programme
  • External Activities and Competitions

Centre STARS

Student counselling is not just for problem-solving. It is meant for students who wish to look for personal growth and self-actualisation; to understand oneself better and willing to make changes; and has concern over his/her mental health and psychological wellbeing.

Click here for more details.

Services for Students with Special Needs

PolyU provides a wide range of services and facilities for students with disability/ special educational needs. Once admitted, students with disability/ special educational needs are advised to contact Centre STARS (2766 6800) or their academic departments to discuss their needs so that tailor-made services can be arranged.

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Students' Union

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Students' Union (HKPUSU) carries the spirit of democracy and fair judgement into representing full-time undergraduate students. Although independent of PolyU, the HKPUSU participates in the running of the University, with student representatives on various committees.

The HKPUSU organises sports, recreational, academic, social and cultural functions, with orientation week and annual dinner amongst the highlights. It also provides regular welfare such as daily photocopying and other stationery retailing services; members can buy stationeries and snacks in the Welfare Shop and enjoy photocopying and binding services in the Photocopying Centre located on the first floor of the Shaw Amenities Building. HKPUSU also provides other welfare for its members such as special offers from shops and organisations. Students can join by subscription and the payment of an annual membership fee.

> The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Students' Union

Student Facilities

Campus Facilities

PolyU has a range of facilities aimed at making campus life convenient and pleasurable.

Cultural Facilities

The Jockey Club Auditorium and Chiang Chen Studio Theatre are the cultural hubs for our students and staff. We organise a wide variety of programmes each year, including dance, theatre, visual arts, film and video, orchestral music, literary arts, talks, workshops, the Artist-in-Residence programme and many others.

The Culture Promotion and Events Office


As the learning hub of the University, the Pao Yue-kong Library offers a dynamic learning environment with a multitude of resources and spaces for students in all disciplines at PolyU. With a collection exceeding 5 million items, students can access a wide variety of books, course readings, as well as journals, video and audio resources in both print and digital formats for university and self-learning. Modern technology-equipped learning spaces are offered for group learning and individual study. Students can also make use of the facilities at the Library’s i-Space, Multimedia Commons and Digital Studio to learn and create knowledge, and bring emerging technologies to their disciplinary work.

Pao Yue-kong Library 

Sports Facilities

To promote healthy and active lifestyles, the campus features a variety of sports facilities, including the Shaw Sports Complex, Fong Shu Chuen Hall, the Kwong On Jubilee Sports Centre, Block X Sports Centre and the Michael Clinton Swimming Pool. Also available is an off-campus sports centre – the Joint Sports Centre at Kowloon Tong.

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Student Halls

PolyU student halls offer abundant opportunities for students’ personal growth and all-around development through immersive social, cultural and intellectual interactions with hall-mates from all different backgrounds under one roof.

The halls are situated at two locations – Hunghom and Homantin. Both halls are fully equipped with sports, leisure and catering facilities. All rooms are air-conditioned and include refrigerators and Internet access. Toilet and shower facilities are shared between adjacent rooms or among rooms in the same suite.

Student Halls of Residence

Other Facilities / Projects

Footbridge Linking Block Z and Main Campus

An iconic footbridge linking the Main Campus and podium level of Block Z is under construction and scheduled for completion by the 3rd quarter of 2019. Upon completion, the footbridge will improve the pedestrian connectivity between the Main Campus and the Block Z, and also serve as a test bed for academic research activities and form part of the cycle route envisioned in the long-term campus master plan.

Campus Expansion at Ho Man Tin Slope

The Campus Expansion at Ho Man Tin Slope will provide more than 1,200 hostel places and over 10,000m2 net floor area of academic space. Whilst funding for the hostel portion has been secured, CDO is currently working with concerned government departments on funding application for the academic portion. Subject to the prompt approval from Public Works Subcommittee and Financial Committee of the Legislative Council, the foundation works will commence in the 4th quarter 2019 and the project is targeted for completion by 2025.

Library Extension and Revitalisation Project

PolyU has been striving to secure funding from the Government over the past few years for the proposed Library Extension and Revitalisation project, which will provide an additional floor to improve some of the existing facilities.  Recently, the University was advised by the University Grants Committee (UGC) that this project would be recommended for upgrading at the Legislative Council for construction funding approval in the 4th quarter 2019.

The tendering process for the construction works has been completed. Subject to the approval from Public Works Subcommittee and Finance Committee of the Legislative Council, the tender award and site work commencement will be in the 1st quarter of 2020. Such renovation works will be conducted by phases until 2nd quarter of 2023. Except for new extension on 6/F, other works will be carried out during summer holidays to minimise nuisance. In addition, alternative study space will be provided in phases during the loud noise period.

Student Hostel at Tat Hong Avenue, Kowloon Tong

The Government has earmarked a site at Kowloon Tong for hostel development of the University. The project will provide 1,680 hostel places as well as supporting amenities including communal, social, recreational and dining facilities, carparks and outdoor recreational space for the University. The project is targeted for completion by early 2028.