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The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

The information in this page is provided by the institution.  Should there be any discrepancies between information listed here and on the institutions' websites, the latter shall prevail.  Please contact the respective institution directly if you have any enquiries.

Student Services

Academic Advising at PolyU

Undergraduate students are encouraged to make use of the academic advising service at Departments/Schools to help them make informed and intelligent academic decisions/choices about their major and GUR studies that suit their intellectual, professional and personal goal. Each undergraduate student will be paired up with a designated Academic Advisor from their Departments/Schools.

Through academic advising, students will

  • understand their curriculum (both Major and GUR) and get advice and guidance if they face any academic challenges.
  • plan their study better to help them realise academic, career and personal goals.    
  • learn about opportunities, resources and support available to students on campus to enrich their educational experience and foster their future success.

Students are required to meet with their Academic Advisors for consultation on their programme of study and study plans at least once in an academic year. Students can find the contact information of Academic Advisors under “My Advisor” in eStudent.

The Office of Undergraduate Studies (OUS) coordinates academic advising activities at PolyU. It is also responsible for GUR information giving for students and staff.

Academic Support Services

Sophisticated learning resources and tailor-made activities help students to further develop their all-roundedness, achieve academic excellence and gain professional competencies. These include:

Careers and Placement Services

To support PolyU's mission to nurture all-round global citizens for Hong Kong and beyond, as well as to provide a link between employers and students to facilitate your career planning and optimise your career development, the Student Affairs Office offers comprehensive career guidance, resources and services to you throughout your university’s journey:

  • "INSPIRE" Mentorship Programme that enhances your holistic education experience and facilitates your personal, academic and professional development through a robust network of role models and prominent leaders from the PolyU community
  • Career training workshops that help you identify career interests and priorities, prepare for the real-life working environment, and advance your employability skills
  • One-to-one career advising sessions that walk you through your career doubts and optimise your career development
  • Online career resources that help you keep abreast of trends and updates in the employment market
  • Work-Integrated Education (WIE) internship opportunities in Hong Kong, Mainland China, and overseas countries that enable you to sharpen your workplace competencies and cultivate your global visions
  • Recruitment talks, career fairs, and other career events that expand your opportunity structure and enhance your navigation competencies
  • PolyU Job Board and Joint Institutions Job Information System (JIJIS) that are job search platforms for part-time/graduate job and internship opportunities across sectors and locations

For further information, please visit the Student Affairs Office’s website at

Health Care Services

Services available to full-time students include medical consultations, emergency care, minor operative treatments, immunisation, certification on health examinations, nursing care and subsidised primary dental care etc. The UHS Traditional Chinese Medicine clinic offers general Chinese medicine clinical consultations, acupuncture, bone-setting and  Chinese medicine granules dispensing service to full-time students.

Scholarships and Financial Assistance

Applicants who have attained outstanding public examination results or have non-academic achievements at the international level will have the chance to be awarded entry scholarships upon admission. For details, please visit our webpage at

Post-entry scholarships are also available to full-time undergraduate students. These scholarships are normally awarded on academic merit and/or according to other specific conditions as stipulated by the donors. Most scholarship candidates are nominated by the Heads of academic departments, but some scholarships are open to competition. For details, please visit here.

Moreover, eligible students can apply for financial assistance administrated by the Government of the HKSAR and PolyU. For details, please visit our webpages at

Student Activities and Services

Student Affairs Office (SAO) is committed to offering a wide range of co-curricular activities that aim to enhance students’ holistic development and nurture all-round graduates. The following are some examples:

  • Exercise is Medicine on Campus Programme
  • Dean’s Talk Series
  • External Activities and Competitions
  • Extra-Curricular Enrichment for Lifelong Learners (EXCELL) Programme
  • EAGLE Global Youth Leadership Programme
  • Global Student Ambassador Programme
  • Inclusion Awareness Campaign
  • PolyU’s Got Talent
  • Amigos: Global Peer Support Scheme
  • Global Cultural Bazaar
  • Collaborative initiatives with affiliated student organisations such as Cultural Nights, Fun-on-Campus Series
  • Sports Skill Training
  • Student Athletes Development Programme
  • Student Integration and Cultural Exchange Activities
  • Wellness-in-Action Programme


Student Counselling

Student Counselling is a self-discovery journey which allows you a genuine space to approach, to process and to work through your concerns from different angles and perspectives.  Our passionate counsellors will walk along side with you to strengthen your psychological wellbeing, to identify your strengths, resources and potentials for personal growth and resilience building. Counselling is free of charge and all information provided is kept in strict confidence.

Click here for more details.

Services for Students with Special Educational Needs

PolyU provides a wide range of services and facilities for students with special educational needs. Once admitted, students with special educational needs are advised to contact the Student Affairs Office (2766 6800) to discuss their needs so that tailor-made services can be arranged.

Click here for more information.

Student Facilities

Campus Facilities

PolyU has a range of facilities aimed at making campus life convenient and pleasurable.

Cultural Facilities

The Jockey Club Auditorium and Chiang Chen Studio Theatre are the cultural hubs for our students and staff. We organise a wide variety of programmes each year, including the Artist-in-Residence programme, music, theatre, visual arts, dance, film and video, literary arts, talks, workshops and many others.

The Culture Promotion and Events Office


As the learning hub of the University, the Pao Yue-kong Library offers a dynamic learning environment with a multitude of resources and spaces for students in all disciplines at PolyU. With a collection exceeding  8.59 million items, students can access a wide variety of electronic resources via Library website, including e-books, full-text e-journal titles, course readings, print and e-newspapers as well as multimedia and self-directed learning resources. Borrowing and returning of Library books, audio-visual materials, digital equipment, and notebooks can be done via self-check stations and kiosks. Students can make use of the facilities at the Library’s i-Space and Studios to learn and create knowledge, and bring emerging technologies to their disciplinary work. To foster a learning community for academic excellence, the new 6/F, an extension of the Library building, provides modern learning spaces and facilities for group learning and individual study.

Pao Yue-kong Library 

Sports Facilities

To promote healthy and active lifestyles through exercise, PolyU offers a wide variety of sports facilities at Shaw Sports Complex, Fong Shu Chuen Hall, Kwong On Jubilee Sports Centre and Block X Sports Centre. Michael Clinton Swimming Pool (50-meter outdoor), and 25-meter indoor Swimming Pool at Block X are also available on campus. Besides, all PolyU students are welcome to use the off-campus sports facilities at the Joint Sports Centre located in Kowloon Tong.

Click here for more information.

Student Halls

There are two Student Halls of Residence at PolyU, namely Hung Hom Halls and Homantin Halls. They are home to over 4,600 students from diverse cultures, backgrounds and disciplines. It is a living and learning environment that creates a perfect platform for intercultural exchange, and offers abundant opportunities for students’ personal development through a wide range of residential educational programmes and activities. Both Hung Hom Halls and Homantin Halls are fully equipped with sports, leisure and catering facilities. All rooms are air-conditioned and include refrigerators and Internet access. Toilet and shower facilities are shared between adjacent rooms or among rooms in the same suite.

CURI Residential College and STARS Residential College are located at Homantin Halls. With the theme of “Achieving Academic and Research excellence through Inquiry-based Learning”, CURI Residential College was established in 2021, while STARS Residential College, emphasising the provision of diverse opportunities for facilitating residents’ talent and holistic development, was established in 2022. Other individual halls have their own themes. Please visit the hall website below for details.

Student Halls of Residence

Other Facilities / Projects

Campus Expansion at Ho Man Tin Slope

The Campus Expansion at Ho Man Tin Slope will provide over 1,200 hostel places and more than 10,000m2 net operational floor area of modern teaching and training facilities. Upon obtaining funding approval from the Government for both the hostel and academic portions of the project, the foundation works commenced in October 2020. The project is expected to be completed by 2027.

Library Extension and Revitalisation Project

With the aim of transforming the Library into a modern learning hub, the project involves the construction of a new floor (i.e. 6/F) to create 2,080m2 of net operational floor area for library space, as well as revitalising existing floors in the library building. Site works began in July 2020 and the new extension on 6/F was completed for use in July 2022. The majority of the revitalisation works on G/F to 5/F have also been completed, with the remaining works being carried out in phases. The project is expected to be completed by the end of 2023. 

Student Hostel at Tat Hong Avenue, Kowloon Tong

The Government has granted PolyU a site at Tat Hong Avenue, Kowloon Tong for the purpose of providing 1,680 hotel places for students, along with supporting infrastructure and amenities. Site work began at the end of 2022 and the project is scheduled for completion by early 2028. 

Redevelopment of Blocks VA and VS

To meet Hong Kong’s long term healthcare manpower needs and accommodate additional student intake, the University has planned to redevelop the site currently occupied by the Michael Clinton Swimming Pool, Shaw Sports Complex, Shaw Amenity Complex and Fong Shu Chuen Hall. The redevelopment will provide an additional 27,000m2 of net operational floor area for academic space, while redeveloping around 8,200m2 of net operational floor area for existing facilities and an additional 2,400m2 of net operational floor area for indoor sports facilities. A welcoming vehicular entrance will be built to connect the PolyU campus to Chatham Road South. The project is targeted for completion in phases by the third quarter of 2030, subject to funding approval by the Government by the second quarter of 2024.

P Wing Extension

To address the increasing demand for healthcare manpower training, the University is planning an extension on the existing roof of the P Wing, along with a number of renovation works in the existing premises. The project will provide approximately 460m2 of net operational floor area for additional academic space for healthcare-related departments. Subject to funding approval by the Government by the fourth quarter of 2023, the project is targeted for completion by the fourth quarter of 2025.

Industrial Centre Extension and Revitalisation

The project involves adding two storeys to Block U and three storeys to Block W, resulting in approximately 5,400m2 of net operational floor area. The existing accommodation in these two blocks will also undergo renovation and spatial re-organisation, with a total affected floor area of about 17,200m2. The additional and renovated spaces will primarily be used as university research facilities, research and teaching laboratories as well as offices in support of Research & Development / collaboration activities of the University. Subject to the funding approval by the Government by the third quarter of 2025, the project is aimed for completion in phases, with overall completion targeted by the end of 2029.

Redevelopment of House of Innovation

The project involves primarily redeveloping the existing House of Innovation to create approximately 2,125m2 of net operational floor area for additional academic space, including research and teaching laboratories, classrooms, study spaces and amenity facilities. The aim of the project is to better support the strategic development of the University and foster interdisciplinary research and development. Subject to funding approval by the Government by the second quarter of 2025, the project is targeted for completion by the first quarter of 2028.