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Other Experiences and Achievements in Competitions / Activities (OEA)


OEA is one of the factors in addition to the achievements at the HKDSE Examination which the 9 JUPAS participating-institutions and the SSSDP institutions (the Institutions) will consider.

To facilitate the Institutions in considering applicants' performances in activities in addition to their academic results, applicants are advised to submit their OEA information via their JUPAS accounts.

Such information will serve as important additional reference for admission selection and can also be used as a framework for discussions during selection interviews.

Submission of OEA Information

The submission of OEA information is optional.  However, applicants are advised to submit their OEA information to facilitate the Institutions in considering their performances in activities, in addition to their academic results.

Applicants may make reference to their own Student Learning Profiles (SLP) when completing the OEA information.

For the step-by-step demonstration, please refer to Applicants' User Guide Section 3.1.

Applicants are also advised to log in to their JUPAS accounts again to check and confirm that their OEA information has successfully been submitted and saved.

Applicants should retain copies of the successful submission page of OEA information as evidence.  In the event of any disputes or queries, the JUPAS Office will ONLY accept these printed pages as official evidence.  No other documentation in hard copy or electronic form will be accepted.

About OEA Information

The OEA information comprises 2 parts:

Awards / Activities

The maximum number of OEA items allowed is 10.

For each OEA award / activity, applicants are required to provide the following information:

3. Year of Participation

7. Award-bearing / Non-award-bearing Activity

Additional Information

The input of "Additional Information" is optional.

"Additional Information" aims at allowing applicants to describe interests or experiences that have been particularly meaningful to them or have affected their personal growth and life goals.  It does NOT however aim at testing their language skills.

Applicants can submit the "Additional Information" in either English or Chinese.  The word limit is 500 words.

Uploading of Supporting Documents

The JUPAS online application system will randomly select and request for the respective supporting documents from awards and activities listed in applicants' OEA information to be uploaded.  Selected OEA awards / activities, of which the supporting documents are required, will be highlighted in pink once they are submitted.

Applicants whose OEA items are not highlighted in pink NEED NOT submit any supporting documents.

Requirements on Supporting Documents

The supporting documents to be submitted MUST be

  1. official proof of the applicants' participation in the competitions or activities concerned, and each must contain the following information:

    • Applicant's name (If applicant's name is not printed on the official proof, additional supporting documents issued by the organiser concerned or school must be provided to certify the applicant's participation);

    • Award / activity official name;

    • Year of participation;

    • Award type (if any); and

    • Translation in English or Chinese if the official proof is in a language other than English or Chinese.

  2. in PDF, JPG, JPEG or PNG format only and the maximum file size for each entry is 1MB.

The supporting documents may include the following:

  • certificate / letter issued by organiser concerned;

  • certificate / letter issued by school;

  • picture showing medal / trophy with applicant's name;

  • online results with valid hyperlink to the official website of the competition / activity / organiser concerned.  Applicant's information must be found in the given hyperlink; or

  • other official proof with the above required information.

Samples of Supporting Documents:

Certificate Trophy
examples on certificate example on trophy

The following supporting documents will NOT be accepted:

  • athlete credential;

  • invitation letter or reply slip;

  • certificate / medal / trophy without applicant's name;

  • news, brochures or leaflets;

  • online results without valid hyperlink; or

  • other non-official proof.

Deadline for Submission of OEA Information and Uploading of Supporting Documents

The deadline for submission of OEA information and uploading of the required supporting documents via the JUPAS account is 3 January 2024 (11:59 pm).

For the applicants who fail to upload the required supporting documents by the specified deadline (i.e. 3 January 2024 (11:59 pm)), such items will NOT be taken into consideration by the Institutions.

Late submission / further amendment / uploading of required supporting documents will NOT be accepted.

Verification of Supporting Documents

The uploaded supporting documents will be randomly selected and verified by the JUPAS Office after the deadline of 3 January 2024 (11:59 pm).  Should there be any discrepancies between the information entered by the applicants and the information stated in the supporting documents uploaded in their JUPAS accounts, the latter (i.e. information stated in the supporting documents) shall prevail.  The JUPAS Office may amend the OEA information according to the information stated in the supporting documents without further notice.  During the period of verification and updating of applicants' OEA information by the JUPAS Office, the OEA webpage will be temporarily unavailable.  Applicants can log in to their JUPAS accounts to access their OEA information again and / or check the amended information, if any, as from 12 March 2024 (9:00 am). 

The final decision on admission will be subject to the authenticity of the awards / activities as listed in the applications of the applicants.  If applicants are not able to present the original copies of the supporting documents when required, the JUPAS applications of those applicants may be disqualified, or the Institutions may withdraw or amend their offers, or cancel their registration / enrolment, or terminate the studies of those applicants.

Special Consideration of OEA

It is quality, rather than quantity, of the awards and activities that matters.  Applicants should highlight quality experiences rather than mere participation across many activities.

In the light of the above, applicants are strongly advised to select carefully the awards and / or activities that could reflect their recent personal development.

Each OEA award / activity will be specifically judged according to its individual merit and will be categorised at the Institutions' discretion as they deem appropriate.

Feedback on Special Consideration of OEA

Applicants who have submitted OEA information can check the feedback on special consideration and the related information as from 12 July 2024 (9:00 am) by logging in to their JUPAS accounts.


Login my JUPAS account


Offer Results and Feedback

Applicants may be given conditional offers based on the OEA information they have submitted.

Applicants are not required to respond to the feedback, if any, at this stage as their applications will continue to be considered by the Institutions in the Main Round exercise.

Applicants who receive conditional offers based on the OEA information they have submitted MUST present the original / submit the certified true copiesNote of the relevant supporting documents to the JUPAS Office.  They will be notified by the JUPAS Office by emails#^ and SMS^ of the details of submission.

The conditional offers may be withdrawn if the required supporting documents are not received by the JUPAS Office by the specified deadline.

The final decision on admission will also be subject to the authenticity of the supporting documents as listed in the applications of the applicants.  Applicants may be requested to present the original copies of the supporting documents.  If they fail to do so, the JUPAS applications of these applicants may be disqualified, or the Institutions may withdraw or amend their offers, or cancel their registration / enrolment, or terminate the studies of those applicants.

The final decision on admission will be announced together with the JUPAS Main Round offer results as from 7 August 2024 (9:00 am).

Note: Certified true copies are NOT the original or the copies of the certificates / supporting documents. Certified true copies are copies of certificates / supporting documents which have been certified by school principals, or by the issuing authorities concerned, or by a notary public.  The name, status and position of the person certifying the copies must be clearly stated.

As email is one of the channels that the JUPAS Office, the 9 JUPAS participating-institutions and the SSSDP institutions will use to contact applicants, applicants must ensure that the setting of their personal email accounts will not filter out or place such correspondence in the trash / junk / spam folders.

^ Emails and SMS are delivered via third party network providers and therefore the JUPAS Office is not responsible for any delay, loss, transfer, amendment or damage arising from the transmission process via third party network providers.

Should there be any discrepancies between information contained in emails and SMS and applicants' JUPAS accounts, the information contained in the latter (i.e. the JUPAS accounts) shall prevail.

Applicants are strongly advised to log in to their JUPAS accounts to double-check the related information.

Since important messages and correspondence from the JUPAS Office, the 9 JUPAS participating-institutions and the SSSDP institutions will be sent via applicants' mobile phone numbers and / or mailing addresses, applicants SHOULD NEVER share their mobile phone numbers or mailing addresses with other applicants in order to protect any information related to their JUPAS applications.

 SMS will only be sent to a valid Hong Kong mobile phone number.  Applicants who provide a mobile phone number outside of Hong Kong should check the message under message boxes in the JUPAS accounts.