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Application Procedures & Information

Personal Data Protection

Purpose of Collection and Use of Personal Data

Your personal data (the Data), including but not limited to your name, HKID card number / identity document number, email address, phone number(s), mailing address, and the necessary supporting document(s), provided to the JUPAS Office is collected for processing your application for the 2024 admission to full-time bachelor's degree / higher diploma programmes under JUPAS offered by the 9 JUPAS participating-institutions and the SSSDP institutions (the Institutions).  In this regard, your Data may be used to enable JUPAS and the Institutions:

  1. to process and consider your application;

  2. to obtain your HKDSE Examination results (past and / or current) from the Hong Kong Examinations and Assessment Authority (HKEAA);

  3. to obtain information about your candidature for public examinations and studies in institutions in Hong Kong and elsewhere from the relevant institutions where necessary;

  4. to identify multiple applications, check records of your studies as a student in any of the Institutions, etc. in relation to your application via JUPAS; and

  5. to contact you in connection with activities and information related to your application for admission.

In making the application, you may also choose to provide information on whether you have suffered from any disability (Special Category Data).  This Special Category Data may be necessary and shared with the Institutions to enable them to provide the necessary support and assistance for the disability at an early stage.

It is therefore necessary for you / your school (applicable to school applicants only) to supply JUPAS with your Data in connection with the application.  Failure to provide such data will render JUPAS and the Institutions unable to process and / or consider your application for admission.

In this regard, you are required, at the time of application, to agree and accept, via the JUPAS online application system at the "My Declaration" page, that JUPAS may use your Data and your Special Category Data (if provided) for the purposes as set out above.

On the other hand, JUPAS may allow the school in which you are currently enrolled (applicable to school applicants only):

  1. to have access to the information contained in, and the progress of, your application.  This will allow your school to support you during the application process; and

  2. to have access to the outcome of your application, unless you advise otherwise in your JUPAS account.

JUPAS and the Institutions may also use information in your application for statistical and research purposes on the basis that no information which can identify you (such as your name, HKID card number / identity document number, mailing address, or phone number(s)) will be published in the resulting statistics or the results of the research.

JUPAS and the Institutions may also use, with your consent when you at the time of application tick the appropriate box (i.e. the box of "paragraph 7.2") on the "My Declaration" page of the JUPAS online application system to confirm it, your personal data (i.e. name, mailing address, phone numbers and / or email address) in direct marketing (such as advertising or promoting their programmes).  However, you can always opt out and withdraw your consent at any time in your JUPAS account.

Accuracy and Duration of Retention of Personal Data

The JUPAS Office will, where practicable, take steps to ensure that the personal data maintained on you are accurate, but you should note that responsibility to update your personal data rests with you.  You can log in to your JUPAS account to enquire, update and print a copy of your personal data.

All application data and Special Category Data (including those submitted by applicants and schools, and the HKDSE Examination results obtained from the HKEAA) will normally be discarded by the JUPAS Office after 6 months from the completion of the admissions exercise and in any event, such information will not be retained longer than is necessary to fulfill the purposes for which such data is used.

Access to Personal Data by Applicants

In accordance with the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (PDPO), applicants have the right to access, correct and update their own personal data.

Applicants can log in to their JUPAS accounts to enquire, update and print copies of their personal data.

Applicants who wish to request copies of the applications they have submitted must complete and submit the Data Access Request Forms to the JUPAS Office.

For enquiry, please contact the JUPAS Office at

Access to Personal Data by Third Parties

Information about JUPAS applications (e.g. personal particulars of applicants (i.e. data subjects), outcomes, programme choices, etc.) may constitute personal data as defined in the PDPO and must be protected accordingly.  In this respect, the JUPAS Office must comply with the requirements of the PDPO and Data Protection Principles (DPP) thereunder (in particular DPP 3 – Use of Personal Data and DPP 4 – Security of Personal Data).  The JUPAS Office will NOT entertain enquiries from third parties (such as parents, guardians, siblings, relatives, and friends, etc.) on the information of JUPAS applicants and their applications unless the requested information is released in compliance with the PDPO.  For details about the PDPO, please visit the website of the Office of the Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data, Hong Kong.

Fee for Processing of Data Access Request

The PDPO allows the imposition of a fee for complying with a data access request.  The JUPAS Office has accordingly set a fee for the processing of any such data access request.

The following fees will be charged to cover administrative costs for the processing of data access:

Search Fee HK$150
Photocopying Fee (per page) HK$5

Note: The JUPAS Office reserves the right to adjust the fees from time to time as appropriate without prior notice.