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Selection / Amendment of Programme Choices

Actual Priority of Programme Choices

The JUPAS online application system is designed to ensure that the information on actual priority of programme choices of each applicant is not revealed to the 9 JUPAS participating-institutions and the SSSDP institutions (the Institutions) until after the announcement of the Main Round offer results.

The Institutions only have a general idea of how the applicants rank their programme choices.  They DO NOT have access to the actual priority of the programme choices of the applicants.  The preferences of the applicants are made known to the Institutions in the form of 5 bands as follows:

Band Priority of Programme Choice
A 1 - 3
B 4 - 6
C 7 - 10
D 11 - 15
E 16 - 20

For example, if an applicant has chosen the following programmes as his / her Band A choices:

Priority JUPAS Catalogue No.
1 JS6004
2 JS1001
3 JS4018

Within each Band, programme choices are made known to the Institutions in ascending numerical order without regard to the actual priority as follows:

Band JUPAS Catalogue No.
(in numerical order only)
A JS1001
A JS4018
A JS6004