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Selection / Amendment of Programme Choices

Selection of Programme Choices

Programmes Offered under JUPAS

Institutions / Scheme UGC-funded Programmes Self-financing Programmes SSSDP Programmes
Full-time Bachelor's Degree Programmes  Full-time Higher Diploma (HD) Programme Full-time Bachelor's Degree Programmes Full-time Bachelor's Degree Programmes
CityU - - -
HKBU - - -
LingnanU - - -
CUHK - - -
EdUHK ✔  - -
PolyU - - -
HKUST - - -
HKU - - -
HKMU - -
SSSDP - - -

Selection of Programme Choices: My DRAFT Programme Choices

Applicants may select from a minimum of 1 to a maximum of 20 programme choices (which include UGC-funded full-time bachelor's degree programmes, HKMU self-financing full-time bachelor's degree programmes, EdUHK UGC-funded full-time higher diploma programme and SSSDP full-time bachelor's degree programmes) from amongst those listed here.  There is no restriction on the number of degree / higher diploma programme to be selected from the 9 JUPAS participating-institutions and the SSSDP institutions (as appropriate), as long as the total number of programme choices does not exceed 20.

Applicants should ensure that they select the correct programmes they wish to choose.  If applicants have mistakenly selected programmes which they do not wish to choose, they will still be considered for admission to those programmes.

Applicants are required to list their programme choices in order of preference.  The JUPAS iteration process is designed to assist applicants in obtaining the best offer possible according to their interests as represented by the order of their preferences and their qualifications.  It is therefore important that the applicants select and prioritise their programme choices according to their true academic and career aspirations.

Preparation for Selecting the Programme Choices

Applicants should:

Notes on Submission of Programme Choices

Applicants should note that any programme choices contained in "My DRAFT Programme Choices" are their working drafts only and would NEITHER be:

  1. considered by the 9 JUPAS participating-institutions and the SSSDP institutions; nor

  2. automatically submitted to "My CONFIRMED Programme Choices" under any circumstances.

Applicants are therefore strongly reminded that they MUST submit their programme choices contained in "My DRAFT Programme Choices" to "My CONFIRMED Programme Choices" in order to be considered by the 9 JUPAS participating-institutions and / or the SSSDP institutions.

Confirmation of Successful Submission of Programme Choices: My CONFIRMED Programme Choices

After successful submission of programme choices, there will be a confirmation page showing the programme choices selected and saved in applicants' JUPAS accounts.  Applicants should print the confirmation pages as record of the programme choices they have selected and submitted.

Applicants should retain copies of the confirmation page as proof that their programme choices have successfully been submitted.  In the event of any disputes or queries, the JUPAS Office will ONLY accept these printed pages as official evidence.  No other documentation in hard copy or electronic form will be accepted

Applicants are also advised to log on their JUPAS accounts again to check and confirm that their programme choices have successfully been submitted and saved.

Deadline for Submission of Programme Choices

The deadline for submission of programme choices is 8 December 2021 (11:59 pm).

Applicants are advised to submit their programme choices earlier to avoid heavy internet traffic near the deadline.