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About JUPAS Online Application System

30-minute Time-out Session

1 What is 30-minute Time-out Session?  How will it affect applicants' entering information in their JUPAS accounts?

The login session will be automatically terminated to safeguard applicants' data security if left idle for 30 minutes.

The JUPAS online application system will NOT be able to detect that applicants are entering their information if they fail to save the information by clicking the "Submit" button.  The session will then be regarded as "idle".  Applicants are strongly advised to save the information entered from time to time which will restart the countdown of the 30-minute time-out.  

If applicants do not click "Submit" 5 minutes before the time-out, a pop-up will appear to ask if they wish to "renew" their sessions.  Applicants should click "OK" at this time if they intend to continue working in the JUPAS online application system, or the session will be terminated automatically after 5 minutes, and INFORMATION ENTERED YET TO BE SUBMITTED WILL BE LOST.