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About JUPAS Online Application System

Technical Problems in Using the JUPAS Online Application System

1 What if applicants' computers are out of order / cannot be connected to the internet?

Applicants may log on their JUPAS accounts at friends' home, or any public-accessible computers such as those workstations in public libraries.  For security reasons, applicants should log out from their JUPAS accounts when they have finished using the JUPAS online application system.

Please refer to the section on Important Notices.

2 When applicants input their login names and passwords, and click "Login", it prompts applicants for the information again as if they have not input anything.  What should they do?

Applicants' browsers' cookie setting may not be correct.  Try the following steps:

Chrome 85
  1. Choose Customise and Control Google Chrome

  2. Click Settings

    Chrome Screen Capture 1
  3. Click Privacy and security

  4. Click Cookies and other site data

    Chrome Screen Capture 2
  5. Click Allow all cookies

    Chrome Screen Capture 3
Safari 13.1.1
  1. Choose General Safari Setting and click Preferences...

  2. Check Privacy

  3. Set Cookies and website data: to Block all cookies


Mozilla Firefox 80
  1. Choose Open menu

  2. Click Options


  3. Click Privacy & Security

  4. Set Content Blocking to Standard

    Firefox Screen Capture
3 Does the JUPAS account allow multiple logins at the same time?

NO.  The JUPAS account only allows single login at the same time.