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Subscribe JUPAS Calendar

1 Why are the updates in the JUPAS Calendar not reflected on personal electronic devices after subscribing?

Users can check on the following:

  • JUPAS Calendar is subscribed according to the instructions

  • Go to the web-based calendar applications on personal electronic devices to ensure the JUPAS Calendar is selected

  • Go to Settings on personal electronic devices to ensure the JUPAS Calendar is synchronised

If the updates are not reflected on personal electronic devices after following the above guidelines, users may remove the JUPAS Calendar and subscribe it again.

As the settings of synchronisation function may vary in different operating systems, brands and models of personal electronic devices, please contact the service providers if further assistance is required.

Please note that, updates in the JUPAS Calendar may sometimes take more than 24 hours to reflect on personal electronic devices, notwithstanding the automatic synchronisation.

Should there be any discrepancies between the JUPAS Calendar and the JUPAS website, the information on the JUPAS website shall prevail. 

2 How do I unsubscribe the JUPAS Calendar?
  1. Go to Settings on the Home screen
  2. Select Calendar, then select Accounts

  3. Select the calendar to unsubscribe

  4. Click Delete Account

  1. Go to Google Calendar and log in to the Google Account used for synchronisation

  2. Click the down arrow beside My calendars

  3. In the left column, select the calendar to unsubscribe

  4. Click Remove calendar

  5. Click Unsubscribe

  1. Go to Outlook Calendar

  2. In the Folder Pane, right-click the calendar to unsubscribe

  3. Click Delete Calendar

  1. Go to Yahoo Mail

  2. Click Calendar, then click Calendar full view

  3. Click the drop-down icon beside the calendar to unsubscribe

  4. Click Unfollow

Please contact the service providers for further enquiries.