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JUPAS Account

1 Do applicants have to create new JUPAS accounts if they have already created one in the previous cycle?  If so, do they have to submit and fill in the information (e.g. OEA and SLP) again?

YES.  Applicants who wish to apply for 2024 admission via JUPAS have to create new JUPAS accounts even if they have already created one in the previous cycle.

All application data, including those submitted by applicants and schools, and the HKDSE Examination results obtained from the HKEAA in the previous cycles, will be discarded by the JUPAS Office after 6 months from the completion of the admissions exercise.

In the light of the above, applicants need to submit all related information, including personal particulars, programme choices, OEA, SLP, supporting documents, etc., to JUPAS again.

Applicants are however NOT required to submit their past and / or current HKDSE Examination results which will be obtained from the HKEAA by the JUPAS Office, the 9 JUPAS participating-institutions and the SSSDP institutions after they have submitted their JUPAS applications.

Please refer to the sections on Online Application Form and HKDSE Examination Results for more details.