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Important Alert

Non-official JUPAS Websites and JUPAS Apps

There may be non-official websites and mobile applications using the JUPAS name which have published information taken from the JUPAS website (in whole or in part) without our consent or authorisation.

Such information may be misleading or taken out of context.  JUPAS takes no responsibility for their accuracy and will take legal action in relation to such websites and mobile applications as necessary for unauthorised usage of proprietary information.

The JUPAS website ( and the Online Application System User Guide for Applicants are the ONLY OFFICIAL PUBLICATIONS of JUPAS; the JUPAS App which is available at App Store and Google Play is the ONLY OFFICIAL MOBILE APPLICATION developed by JUPAS. Information relating to JUPAS contained in other websites or mobile applications is unofficial and for which JUPAS is not responsible.  You are therefore strongly advised NOT to give your personal data or other information to these unauthorised websites or mobile applications and JUPAS is not responsible for the protection and privacy issues of such information.

Unauthorised Activity on JUPAS Website / Online Application System

Visitors to our website are reminded that any attempt to hack into this website or the JUPAS online application system to obtain applicants' information is illegal and the matter will be referred to law enforcement authorities for investigation and prosecution.

Please contact the JUPAS Office at 2334 2929 during our office hours if you have any queries in this regard.

Fraud Alert

It has been reported to us that an organisation has contacted some JUPAS applicants claiming it has obtained applicants' personal data from JUPAS in order to conduct direct marketing.  This claim is FRAUDULENT, as JUPAS will NOT release applicants' data to unauthorised third parties (i.e. those other than the authorised parties stated in Purpose of Collection and Use of Personal Data).  Should there be any unauthorised third parties claiming they have obtained applicants' data from JUPAS, JUPAS reserves all legal rights to seek compensation for such and similar fraudulent claims.