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Privacy Policy Statement

  1. The JUPAS Office undertakes to keep personal data provided by applicants and schools strictly confidential.  However, the JUPAS Office may provide such information to any other person or agent as a basis for various types of processing in relation to their applications under a duty of confidentiality to the JUPAS Office.

  2. In accordance with the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance ("Ordinance"), applicants have the right to access, correct and update their own information.  They can log on their JUPAS accounts to enquire, update and print copies of their personal data.

  3. If applicants wish to request copies of the applications they have submitted, they must complete and submit the Data Access Request Forms in person to the JUPAS Office.

  4. In accordance with the terms of the Ordinance, the JUPAS Office has set a fee for the processing of any such data access requests.  Details

  5. School applicants have the right to withhold their offer results from being disclosed to their schools.

  6. For further information, please contact us at 2334 2929 during our office hours.  Further details