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Hong Kong Baptist University

Applicants must satisfy programme entrance requirements specific to their desired programmes IN ADDITION TO the general entrance requirements.

Applicants are advised to consult the institutions' websites for the most updated programme information.

Should there be any discrepancies between the programme information listed in the JUPAS website and that listed in the institutions' websites, the information listed in the individual institutions' website is final.

Note: JUPAS CATALOGUE NO. used in this website consists of a prefix "JS" added to programme codes of institutions as contained in their respective prospectuses / e-prospectuses where applicable.

Institution / Scheme JUPAS Catalogue No. Funding Category Programme Short Name Programme Full Title
HKBU JS2020 UGC-funded BA Bachelor of Arts
HKBU JS2021 UGC-funded BA(CHI) Bachelor of Arts in Chinese Language and Literature
HKBU JS2022 UGC-funded BA(CPW) Bachelor of Arts in Creative and Professional Writing
HKBU JS2023 UGC-funded BA(ENG) Bachelor of Arts in English Language and Literature
HKBU JS2024 UGC-funded BA(HUM) Bachelor of Arts in Humanities
HKBU JS2025 UGC-funded BA(RPE) Bachelor of Arts in Religion, Philosophy and Ethics
HKBU JS2026 UGC-funded BA(TRAN) Bachelor of Arts in Translation
HKBU JS2030 UGC-funded BA(MUSIC) Bachelor of Arts in MusicUpdated
HKBU JS2040 UGC-funded BA(ELL)&BEd(ELT) English Language & Literature and English Language Teaching (Double Degree)
英國語言文學及英語教學 (雙學位課程)
HKBU JS2050 UGC-funded BMUSIC(CI) Bachelor of Music in Creative Industries
HKBU JS2110 UGC-funded BBA(ACCT) Bachelor of Business Administration - Accounting Concentration
工商管理學士 - 會計學專修
HKBU JS2120 UGC-funded BBA Bachelor of Business Administration
HKBU JS2320 UGC-funded BCOMM(AMA) Bachelor of Communication in Film (Animation and Media Arts Concentration)
傳理學學士 - 電影主修 - 動畫及媒體藝術專修
HKBU JS2330 UGC-funded BCOMM(FTV) Bachelor of Communication in Film (Film and Television Concentration)
傳理學學士 - 電影主修 - 電影電視專修
HKBU JS2340 UGC-funded BFA(AGS) Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting for Global ScreenUpdated
HKBU JS2350 UGC-funded BCOMM(JOUR) Bachelor of Communication in Journalism and Digital MediaUpdated
傳理學學士 - 新聞與數碼媒體主修
HKBU JS2360 UGC-funded BCOMM(PRA) Bachelor of Communication in Public Relations and Advertising
傳理學學士 - 公關及廣告主修
HKBU JS2410 UGC-funded BCM&BSc(BIOMED) Bachelor of Chinese Medicine and Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Science
HKBU JS2420 UGC-funded BPharm Bachelor of Pharmacy in Chinese Medicine
HKBU JS2510 UGC-funded BSc Bachelor of Science
HKBU JS2610 UGC-funded BA/ BSocSc Bachelor of Arts/ Bachelor of Social Sciences (Geography/ Government & International Studies/ History/ Sociology)
文學士/ 社會科學學士 (地理/ 政治及國際關係學/ 歷史/ 社會學)
HKBU JS2620 UGC-funded BA(PERM) Bachelor of Arts in Physical Education and Recreation Management
HKBU JS2630 UGC-funded BSocSc(EURO-FREN) Bachelor of Social Sciences in European Studies - French Stream
歐洲研究社會科學學士 - 法文
HKBU JS2640 UGC-funded BSocSc(EURO-GERM) Bachelor of Social Sciences in European Studies - German Stream
歐洲研究社會科學學士 - 德文
HKBU JS2660 UGC-funded BSW Bachelor of Social WorkUpdated
HKBU JS2670 UGC-funded BSocSc(GCS) Bachelor of Social Sciences in Global and China Studies
HKBU JS2680 UGC-funded BA/BSocSc&BEd(LS) Geography/ History/ Sociology and Liberal Studies Teaching (Double Degree)
地理/ 歷史/ 社會學及通識教學 (雙學位課程)
HKBU JS2690 UGC-funded BA/BSocSc&BEd(PSHE) Geography/ History/ Sociology and Personal, Social and Humanities Education Teaching (Double Degree)
地理/ 歷史/ 社會學及個人、社會及人文教學 (雙學位課程)
HKBU JS2810 UGC-funded BA(VA) Bachelor of Arts in Visual Arts
HKBU JS2910 UGC-funded BSc(BCDA) Bachelor of Science in Business Computing and Data Analytics