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Hong Kong Baptist University


Bachelor of Business Administration 工商管理學士


Short DescriptionUpdated

The Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons) Programme is an integrated combination of general education and high quality business studies. Admitted students can investigate different concentrations by completing a common Year 1 curriculum and must declare their concentration by the end of Year 1.

Students can choose from one of the following six concentrations which they will specialise from Year 2 onwards:

  • Economics and Data Analytics 
  • Entrepreneurship and Business Innovation
  • Finance 
  • Human Resources Management 
  • Information Systems and Business Intelligence 
  • Marketing 

The School does not set any quota and will accommodate students' choice of Concentration. Additional graduation options include a Double Concentration within the BBA, or a Minor in a non-business discipline.

Unique Features

  • Experiential Learning: All BBA students are required to complete at least 120 hours of experiential learning activities (exchange/internship/service learning) before graduation.
  • Local and Overseas Internship Opportunities: The School cooperates with well-known organisations to offer BBA students a variety of exchange and internship opportunities.
  • Extensive Exchange Opportunities: The School signed a total of over 200 exchange agreements with renowned universities worldwide.
  • Financial Support for Global Experience: The School has committed HK$2.2m yearly to support students’ overseas experience.
  • High Graduate Employment Rate: 96% of BBA students employed full-time 6 months after graduation.
  • Triple Accreditations: HKBU School of Business is among the 1% of the world's business schools to be triple-accredited.

Two Cities, Two Degrees in Four Years

Double Degree Programme with Simon Fraser University

The newly launched Double Degree Programme in business with Simon Fraser University (SFU) is designed for highly aspiring students who wish to learn and experience in two distinctive environment. Starting from 2018/19, students admitted to the BBA programme will have the opportunity to spend the first two years in HKBU BBA, and the final two years in SFU Beedie School of Business. Upon completion, students will be awarded two degrees, one from HKBU and one from SFU. For more details, please visit:

Double Degree Programme with Kozminski University

The newly launched Double Degree Programme in business with Kozminski University (KU) is designed for students who wish to build strong business and financial foundation by studying in the two leading financial hub cities. Students admitted to the BBA Programme will have the opportunity to spend the first one and a half year course of study at HKBU BBA, then another one and a half year at KU in Poland, then another one year at HKBU BBA. Selected students are granted propitious opportunities to receive world class education from both institutions, and to enhance their competence, language, cultural, and social skills. Upon completion of the Programme, students will be awarded degrees from HKBU and KU. For more details, please visit:

Career Opportunities

Graduates can explore a wide range of career options in accounting and management, advertising, banking, business analysis, global and China business, economic analysis, finance, IS auditing, management or human resources management, marketing/sales, research, systems analysis, training, and consulting.


Students may take an integrated programme by extending their undergraduate study by one year, leading to the award of a bachelor's degree plus a Diploma in Education.



  • Programme Entrance Requirements
  • General Entrance Requirements
Same as General Entrance Requirements

Notes for elective subjects:
The two electives must be any Category A subjects. Extended Part of Mathematics (Module 1 or Module 2) can be recognised as one of the elective subjects. 

Remarks on other requirements:
1) Good result in English Language subject is preferred.

2) Shortlisted applicants may be invited to attend interivew.

Core Subjects Minimum Level
Elective Subject(s) Minimum Level

Note 1: For Non-Chinese Speaking (NCS) students, alternative Chinese Language qualifications deemed acceptable by the University are listed in the website:

Note 2: Equivalences to Level 3 in English are listed in the website:

Note 3:

  • The elective subjects must be Category A subjects (unless specified) excluding Extended Part of Mathematics (Module 1 or Module 2).
  • Individual programmes may consider Extended Part of Mathematics (Module 1 or Module 2), Category B subjects (Applied Learning) and/or Category C subjects (Other Languages) for fulfillment of elective requirement. Please refer to the programme entrance requirements of individual programmes for details.

Remarks on admissions score: Individual programme would adopt different score formulae for calculating applicants’ admissions scores. Please refer to the following link for the updated score calculation and subject weights of our programmes for 2021 entry:

First Year Tuition Fee

HK$ 42,100


Admissions Office


Tel: 3411 2200


Application Statistics (after Modification of Programme Choices)

Year Band A Band B Band C Band D Band E Total
2020 1873 1371 1531 1528 1067 7370
2019 684 867 1075 1215 743 4584
2018 668 905 1336 1545 927 5381
2017 1473 1401 1747 2028 1278 7927
2016 3779 2328 2682 2965 1911 13665
2015 3248 2777 3519 3902 2509 15955
2014 3864 3039 3890 4091 2851 17735
2013 3995 3110 4110 4541 3169 18925
2012 2550 2285 3012 3585 2506 13938

Offer Statistics (as at the Announcement of the Main Round Offer Results)

Year Band A Band B Band C Band D Band E Total
2020 157 7 1 2 0 167
2019 18 2 0 2 0 22
2018 25 6 3 1 0 35
2017 46 1 1 0 0 48
2016 161 5 1 1 0 168
2015 160 1 1 3 0 165
2014 160 7 0 1 1 169
2013 143 18 2 0 0 163
2012 163 25 10 3 1 202