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Institution / Scheme JUPAS Catalogue No. Funding Category Programme Short Name Programme Full Title
CityU JS1000 UGC-funded BScCFIN BSc Computational Finance
CityU JS1001 UGC-funded BBAGBU BBA Global Business
CityU JS1002 UGC-funded BBAAC BBA Accountancy
CityU JS1003 UGC-funded EF Department of Economics and Finance (options: BBA Business Economics, BBA Finance)
經濟及金融系 [選項: 工商管理學士(商業經濟)、工商管理學士(金融)]
CityU JS1004 UGC-funded IS Department of Information Systems (options: BBA Global Business Systems Management, BBA Information Management)
資訊系統學系 [選項: 工商管理學士(環球商業系統管理)、工商管理學士(資訊管理)]
CityU JS1005 UGC-funded BBAMGMT BBA Management
CityU JS1006 UGC-funded MS Department of Management Sciences (options: BBA Business Analysis, BBA Business Operations Management)
管理科學系 [選項: 工商管理學士(商業分析)、工商管理學士(商業營運管理)]
CityU JS1007 UGC-funded BBAMKT BBA Marketing
CityU JS1041 UGC-funded SCM School of Creative Media (options: BA Creative Media, BSc Creative Media, BAS New Media)
創意媒體學院 [選項: 文學士(創意媒體)、理學士(創意媒體)、文理學士(新媒體)]
CityU JS1042 UGC-funded BACM BA Creative Media