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Lingnan University

Applicants must satisfy programme entrance requirements specific to their desired programmes IN ADDITION TO the general entrance requirements.

Applicants are advised to consult the institutions' websites for the most updated programme information.

Should there be any discrepancies between the programme information listed on the JUPAS website and that listed on the institutions' websites, the information listed on the individual institutions' website shall prevail.

Note: JUPAS CATALOGUE NO. used on this website consists of a prefix "JS" added to programme codes of institutions as contained in their respective prospectuses / e-prospectuses where applicable.

Institution / Scheme JUPAS Catalogue No. Funding Category Programme Short Name Programme Full Title
LingnanU JS7101 UGC-funded BA (Hons) Chinese Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Chinese
LingnanU JS7123 UGC-funded BLA (Hons) GDS Bachelor of Liberal Arts (Hons) in Global Development and Sustainability
LingnanU JS7133 UGC-funded BA (Hons) ADA Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Animation and Digital Arts
LingnanU JS7200 UGC-funded BBA (Hons) Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours)
LingnanU JS7204 UGC-funded BA (Hons) Trans, CS & CC Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Translation, Cross-cultural Studies, and Corporate Communication
LingnanU JS7216 UGC-funded BBA (Hons) - RIM Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours) - Risk and Insurance Management
工商管理(榮譽)學士 - 風險及保險管理
LingnanU JS7225 UGC-funded BSc (Hons) Data Science Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Data Science
LingnanU JS7301 UGC-funded BSocSc (Hons) Economics Bachelor of Social Sciences (Honours) - Economics
社會科學(榮譽)學士 - 經濟學
LingnanU JS7302 UGC-funded BSocSc (Hons) Gov't & IA Bachelor of Social Sciences (Honours) - Government and International Affairs
社會科學(榮譽)學士 - 政府與國際事務學
LingnanU JS7303 UGC-funded BSocSc (Hons) Psychology Bachelor of Social Sciences (Honours) - Psychology
社會科學(榮譽)學士 - 心理學
LingnanU JS7304 UGC-funded BSocSc (Hons) Sociology Bachelor of Social Sciences (Honours) - Sociology
社會科學(榮譽)學士 - 社會學
LingnanU JS7305 UGC-funded BSocSc (Hons) HSSM Bachelor of Social Sciences (Honours) - Health and Social Services Management
社會科學(榮譽)學士 - 健康及社會服務管理
LingnanU JS7306 UGC-funded BSocSc (Hons) SPPS Bachelor of Social Sciences (Honours) - Social and Public Policy Studies
社會科學(榮譽)學士 - 社會與公共政策研究
LingnanU JS7503 UGC-funded BA (Hons) Contem English Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Contemporary English Studies
LingnanU JS7606 UGC-funded BA (Hons) Cultural Stud Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Cultural Studies
LingnanU JS7709 UGC-funded BA (Hons) History Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in History
LingnanU JS7802 UGC-funded BA (Hons) Philosophy Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Philosophy
LingnanU JS7905 UGC-funded BA (Hons) Film& Vis.Arts Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Film and Visual Arts*Updated