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Graduates of CUHK have always enjoyed excellent career prospects. Our knowledgeable, globally-minded and culturally-sophisticated graduates are highly welcomed by prospective employers. In 2022, about 90% of the respondents to our annual Graduate Employment Survey were given their first job offers by the end of September in the year they graduated.

The Career Planning & Development Centre of the Office of Student Affairs prepares our students for the workplace by developing and initiating job opportunities for students; providing full-time, part-time and summer job information through CU Job Link; organising internship and mentorship programmes; conducting individual and group career counselling; and co-ordinating career guidance workshops. The Centre also assists employers in recruitment of graduates by organising recruitment talks, career fairs and on-campus tests and interviews.

Our graduates are employed in diversified sectors. 65.7% of our graduates join the Commerce and Industry sector, followed by Education (17.2%), Social and Public Organisations (15.2%) and Government (1.9%).

In terms of career fields, in the employment survey of CUHK graduates conducted at the end of 2022, the top five fields engaged in by our graduates were Teaching, Information Technology, Medical & Health Services, Banking / Finance and Administration / Management.