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Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU), as a community of scholars, is committed to a distinctive mission of higher education that incorporates teaching, research and service, and which inculcates in all who participate a sense of value extending beyond the mere acquisition of knowledge. The University seeks to foster and achieve excellence, intellectual freedom and the highest of ethical standards. These commitments have evolved from the University's heritage of Christian higher education within a Chinese cultural setting. As a result of this tradition, the University is committed to creating and maintaining an environment that develops and sustains the whole person in all of these educational endeavours.

Founded in 1956, the University has established its place in Hong Kong's tertiary education sector by emphasising academic excellence and whole-person education with a Christian ethos. Pioneering and broad-based interactive programmes, academic excellence embodying a careful balance between teaching and research, international perspective and commitment to quality assurance have become hallmarks of the University.

Faculties and Schools

The University has eight Faculties/Schools/Academy - Arts, Business, Chinese Medicine, Communication, Science, Social Sciences, Visual Arts, and Continuing Education, which offer undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in various disciplines.

As of September 2016, there are around 7,064 full-time undergraduates, 2,935 taught programme-based postgraduates, and 449 research-based postgraduates, making a total of about 10,448 students in the University. The School of Continuing Education and its College of International Education, Hong Kong Baptist University recorded an enrolment of around 6,000 and 5,000 respectively for full-time and part-time programmes for the academic year of 2016/17. Full-time programmes include postgraduate diploma, undergraduate degree, associate degree/ higher diploma, Diploma Yi Jin and Diploma of College Foundation Studies programmes. Part-time programmes include postgraduate diploma, undergraduate/ postgraduate degree and certificate/diploma programmes for working learners from all walks of life. 

Undergraduate Programmes

The University offers full-time integrated undergraduate programmes which consist of single and interdisciplinary programmes on both departmental and faculty/school basis, providing students with training for an all-round development and enabling them to acquire good transferable skills required by the workplace. The curriculum structure is broad-based in nature with emphasis on intellectual development and creativity as espoused by the General Education (GE) requirements outside the students' major disciplines. Except for the professional programmes, the undergraduate curriculum carries at least 60 units for the major and 38 units of GE courses. The aim of the GE curriculum is to provide a foundation for each student’s development as a Whole Person through exposure to a range of transferable skills, guiding principles, and attitudes that all students will need in their future professional and personal lives. Through whole-hearted participation in the GE courses, students will begin to construct a deeper understanding of the world around them by making connections at personal, societal, and historical levels. In doing so, they will begin to determine where they can best contribute their unique talents within the complex and ever-changing global community.

English is the medium of instruction for formal classroom teaching, except for those courses that are granted exemption.

Scholarships and Financial Aid (

All full-time students with financial needs may apply for financial assistance in the form of grants, bursaries and loans. Scholarships are awarded to selected recipients including new students on the basis of academic merit and other criteria set by the donors. In addition, eligible students can apply for the First-Generation University Student Fund which provides financial assistance for their participation in overseas exchange and diverse outside-of-classroom learning activities. For more information, students are invited to contact the Scholarships and Financial Aid Team or visit its website at  

Global Outlook (

The University always encourages HKBU students to participate in and benefit from exchange programmes with institutions outside Hong Kong. Participating students are provided with financial assistance. We actively promote the exchange of students and collaboration with institutions outside Hong Kong. Each year we send hundreds of students abroad on academic exchanges to HKBU partner institutions. At the same time, HKBU welcomes a good number of in-bound exchange students from around the globe.

Aided by an international team of academics and visiting scholars, HKBU is committed to creating a cosmopolitan learning environment that helps instill in all students the skills, attitudes and values necessary to acquire a global perspective. The Consul-General-in-Residence Programme is one of the many initiatives that promotes internationalization on campus.

We also offer many opportunities for local students to participate in overseas study trips, work internships and a diverse range of curricular programmes. Such activities help students gain international experience, broaden their horizons and take a more critical view of their life, knowledge and learning.

Student Development (

The Office of Student Affairs plays a critical role in realising the University's vision of providing whole-person education, offering a full array of programmes and creating learning environments to help students develop skills in the areas of psychological competence, leadership and service to society, and readiness for future careers.

Student Life (

The University provides many opportunities for co-curricular and extra-curricular activities to help enrich students' educational experience. Besides academic societies which are composed of students studying the same programme/major, there are more than 60 student interest clubs on campus that appeal to the varied interests of students and contribute to the objectives of a broadly-based liberal arts education. Student governance is exercised through the Student Representatives in the Senate, the Students' Union and its Council, and the Postgraduate Association. Student representatives hold more than 240 seats in approximately 50 University-wide boards, committees, panels and focus groups.

Achievement Highlights in Extra-curricular Activities (

In line with the University's whole-person education ethos, students are encouraged to stretch their visions beyond textbooks and classrooms. In addition to achieving academic excellence, they have also demonstrated good spirit and sportsmanship through participation in social services and extra-curricular activities. Highlights of their achievements in the 2016/17 academic year are as follows:

  • Three HKBU graduates of 2015-2016, Carson Poon (Geography and Liberal Studies Teaching), Chloe Lam (Music) and Leung King-heng (Music), had been selected as awardees of the Hong Kong Scholarship for Excellence Scheme and honoured with the title of Hong Kong Scholars to pursue postgraduate studies overseas.

  • Four Year 5 students from the School of Chinese Medicine won the Champion Group (Hong Kong-Macau category) award for their exceptional performance in a Pan-Pearl River competition. The students won the Fourth Pan-Pearl River Delta Region Chinese Medicine University Students Clinical Competence Contest, organised by the Chinese Medicine Teaching Steering Committee of the Higher Education under the State Ministry of Education.

  • Rondo Mak (Broadcast Journalism, Year 4) won the Uniqlo Scholarship with an article he wrote followed by a short film about the pursuit of his dream.

  • Ho Yuen-kei (China Studies – Sociology, Year 3) was selected by the Regeneration Society as one of the Regeneration Warriors 2015-2016 for her unswerving positive attitude and determination to live a full life in spite of her severe illness.

  • A team of School of Communication students - Jessie Kwok, Jenny Zhang (Financial Journalism, Year 2) and Molly Mok (Master of Fine Arts in Film, Television and Digital Media) defeated more than 70 university teams and won the third prize in the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition for University Students of Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan. 

  • HKBU athletes won the second runner-up prize in the Overall Championship and were the first runner-up in the Men’s Overall Championship of the 30th Hong Kong University Sport Federation (USFHK) Cross Country Competition.

  • Man Ka-ying (Applied Biology, Year 4) and Tsui Ka-ho (Government and International Studies, fresh graduate of 2015-2016) won the 2015-2016 Outstanding Service Awards for Tertiary Students jointly presented by the Hong Kong Student Services Association and the Hong Kong Outstanding Tertiary Students’ Services Association.

  • The three-member team of Kiki Chu, Felix Tin (Government and International Studies, Year 4) and Abbey Li (Finance, Year 4) from the Wine Association of Hong Kong Baptist University won the first runner-up prize at the 2016 Hong Kong Inter-University Wine Challenge.

  • The HKBU Student Union Mandarin Debate Team won the championship at the 2016 Interuniversity Mandarin Debate Competition organised by RTHK Putonghua channel and received the first-runner up award at the 10th debate competition 2016 organised by the Chinese Debate Association.

  • Eric Pan (Computer Science, Year 3) and his team won an award after completing a 16-day entrepreneurship training programme entitled “Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Entrepreneurship and Maker Skills Integrator (MEMSI) Programme”. 

  • Daniel Chan (Physical Education and Recreation Management, Year 1) clinched one silver and two bronze medals in the Spanish Para-Badminton International 2017.
  • Lin Yan-ping (Chinese Language and Literature, Year 4, and Postgraduate Diploma in Education) won the Gold Award at the Outstanding Prospective Teachers Election organised by the Hong Kong Prospective Teachers’ Association.
  • Jessie Kwok (Financial Journalism, Year 2) and her partners developed an innovative online platform entitled LeDo Ads which had swept numerous awards in entrepreneurship competitions, including the Youth Dare to Change Stand-up Pitch Champion title awarded by the Young Entrepreneurs Development Council, Top 10 Investment Value Award in Hong Kong Trade Development Council Entrepreneur Day STARTHUB 3.0, and the Bronze and Best SME awards in the category of the Best Business Solution in the HKICT Award.

  • A team of HKBU Chemistry students - Daphne Chan (Year 4), Peony Kwok, Kingsley Yao (Year 3) won the Bronze medal in the 28th Hong Kong Chemistry Olympiad (for tertiary institutions).

  • A 19-person HKBU team called “Shall We Talk” won the championship in the Best Practice Award of the WeCare Fund project with a self-directed play written to express concerns over the suicide issue.

  • A team of five students - Yosa Li (Finance, Year 4), Tiny Fan (Accounting, Year 4), Jeffery Zhang (Statistics and Operations Research, Year 4), Daisy Shang (Accounting, Year 4) and Edward Liu (Applied Economics, Year 3) won the championship of the Hong Kong local final of the CFA Institute Research Challenge 2016-17 organised by the Hong Kong Society of Financial Analysts.

  • Academy of Visual Arts student Kwok Ka-lok won the Student Group Champion award in the 10th Hong Kong Lighting Design Competition.