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The University of Hong Kong (HKU) is the first and oldest institution of higher learning in Hong Kong, and was founded in 1911, incorporating the Hong Kong College of Medicine (est. 1887).

For over a century, the University has dedicated itself to creating knowledge, providing education, and serving society. It has grown with Hong Kong and generations of its graduates have helped shape the city from which the University takes its name.

Today, HKU has an established worldwide reputation for being a research-led comprehensive University with ten Faculties and a strong commitment to intellectual freedom, liberty and diversity.

HKU strives to attract and nurture outstanding scholars through excellence and innovation in its teaching and learning, research and knowledge exchange activities.

Regarded as Asia’s Global University, HKU is a diverse community with around 30,000 students including over 10,000 students from across 100 countries, and 60% of its academic staff are international faculty.

HKU’s research areas and themes reflect a broad range of issues and bring together experts from diverse disciplines. The University has academic partnerships with over 360 universities and research institutes around the world. The University has 114 professors ranking in the top 1% scientists globally and conducts cutting-edge work in many fields.

Through these endeavours, the University will continue to contribute to the development of leaders and to the advancement of society locally, regionally and internationally.