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The University of Hong Kong takes a holistic approach to education, as it believes that learning about life is just as important for students as academic learning. The University provides services and facilities to ensure that students have a comfortable, intriguing, and rewarding campus experience, and enjoy an overall sense of well-being.

The main facilities and services offered at the University of Hong Kong are listed below.

The University of Hong Kong Libraries

The Libraries advances the teaching, learning, research, and knowledge exchange pursuits of the University through its outstanding resources, people-centred services as well as its innovative and collaborative approaches. The Libraries consists of the Main Library and six branch libraries, namely the Dental Library, Education Library, Fung Ping Shan Library, Lui Che Woo Law Library, Music Library, and the Yu Chun Keung Medical Library. Special Collections houses a unique collection of Hong Kong materials, rare books, pamphlets, and microforms. The University Libraries has also gained depository status for a number of core international collections, and two of them are housed in Special Collections, they are the European Documentation Centre and the World Trade Organization. Besides offering a congenial environment for study and research, the Libraries also provides a wide range of information resources including a comprehensive collection of books, journals, audio-visual materials and a rapidly expanding collection of article databases, e-books, e-journals, e-news. Many of these electronic resources are available on the web by authenticated access.

History and Today

Established in October 1912 and located in two rooms in The University of Hong Kong’s Main Building with a floor area of about 288 square meters plus a small Medical section in the Pathology Building. Today, the collections of The University of Hong Kong Libraries exceed 3 million volumes, 4.6 million e-books, 247,000 e-Journal subscriptions and titles.

Learning Environment

Of special mention is the learning commons style facility on the 3rd floor of the Main Library. Opened in January 2012, Level 3 is a learning commons style facility providing a variety of spaces suitable for different learning styles including reflective self-study as well as collaborative study. With a floor area of 3,100 square meters, Level 3 comprises of 5 zones, namely:

  • Breakout – offers a place for relaxation
  • Collaboration Zone – an ideal place for group projects
  • Multi-purpose – features flexible furniture and can easily be transformed from a study area to a seminar room
  • Study Zone – supports reflective self-study and is open overnight year round
  • Technology Zone – with the computers and software applications, offers a one-stop shop place for students to search for scholarly information and produce their student assignments

The HKU Scholars Hub

The HKU Scholars Hub is the institutional repository of The University of Hong Kong. As a key vehicle of HKU's Knowledge Exchange Initiative, The Hub strives to make HKU authors and their research very visible, with the goal of increasing all forms of collaboration.

More Information

For further information, students may wish to consult the Libraries Homepage at or seek individual assistance from the Information Services Division by e-mail at or by telephone at 3917-2203 or WhatsApp 5441-5441.

Information Technology Services

Information Technology Services (ITS) provides comprehensive information technology services with a state-of-the-art IT environment to support teaching, learning, research and administration of the University. Its facilities include an advanced campus network, powerful central servers, high-performance computer (HPC) clusters, cloud computing and modern learning environment, and its services include unified communication, portal services, learning management system “Moodle” and web-based administrative applications.

A resilient 10-Gigabit Ethernet network backbone connects over 52,000 network access points in the campus and halls of student residence. Over 5,100 WiFi access points (SSID: HKU) are installed around the campus to provide wireless network coverage in centrally-administered classrooms, libraries, amenities centres, learning commons, offices and open areas. Through the single sign-on "HKU Portal" platform, students can easily access all the University online services. An excellent web-based teaching and learning environment using the learning management system, Moodle is established to support the online learning activities of students. ITS also provides the expertise and support in high performance computing (HPC) to facilitate compute-intensive research activities of the University. A 2,584-core HPC system (theoretical peak power of 113 Tera-FLOPS) equipped with the latest technologies, including Nvidia Graphics Processing Unit (GPU), Intel Many Integrated Core (MIC) and Lustre parallel file-system is available for supporting compute-intensive and accelerated computing.

Please visit for additional information.

Careers Services

CEDARS – Careers and Placement is committed to nurturing students to become global talents possessing professional competencies and entrepreneurial mindset. We serve as a platform with all-round, high quality co-curricular programmes and placement resources. We support and empower students to explore and select suitable career options, acquire essential skills for workplace success, pursue a personally rewarding career and make positive impact to society.

We organize recruitment events for graduate and internship positions (Hong Kong, Mainland China and Overseas). We also provide our students with plentiful opportunities for networking with seasoned professionals and executives through, career talks and events, including careers fairs where students can meet executives from potential employers. In addition, our dedicated and professional advisors are eager to support students through career training workshops and one-on-one career advising sessions. On-line career resources are also available to help students with career planning and preparation. Daily notices on jobs and career events are sent to students by e-mail.


Counselling and Person Enrichment

The Counselling and Person Enrichment (CoPE) Section of CEDARS, comprising of experienced student advising officers as well as professionally qualified clinical and educational psychologists and counsellors, specialises in helping new students transit smoothly from high school to university. CoPE's SEN Support is also the one-stop service unit for students with disabilities and Special Educational Needs (SEN).

A great variety of educational activities are available for new students to prepare themselves for a successful and well-balanced university life. The key services are:

  • "Psychometer":
    This is a hub of psychological tests on university adjustment, learning styles, time management, social life and mental health for students to gain a better self-understanding and identify ways to achieve university success. Immediate feedback, recommendation and enrichment tips are available.
  • Professional Counselling Service:
    Students are welcome to meet CoPE's counsellors to work on any adjustment, personal, study, relationship or goal setting issues. The counselling service is confidential and free-of-charge.
  • Support for students with Disabilities and Special Educational Needs (SEN):
    CoPE provides comprehensive and personalised service to students with disabilities or special educational needs (SEN). Contact and register at CEDARS – SEN Support at
  • Person Enrichment Programmes:
    Each semester CoPE offers small group interactive workshops on effective learning, time-management, stress management and social confidence, as well as campus-wide activities which promote mental health and psychological competence.
  • Peer Support Networks:
    1. Joining "Peer English Tutoring", an initiative for one-to-one conversational English practice jointly managed by Centre of Applied English Studies and CEDARS.
    2. Joining "Survival Cantonese" which helps non-local students to learn 30 essential day-to-day Cantonese phrases; and
    3. Taking part in the "SEN PIN (Peer Impact Network)" to advocate diversity and social inclusion.
    You can register as a tutor, tutee or a buddy to give and receive mutual support from your HKU peers

Student Development

The Student Development team of CEDARS is committed to developing students into global citizens and socially responsible leaders by engaging them in vibrant, innovative and stimulating co-curricular programmes and offering relevant resources and advice. Our Programme covers three themes:

Leadership Programmes supports student leaders to develop their knowledge, skills and creativity to address pressing global issues. These also encourage and facilitate the development of student-initiated projects, NGOs and social enterprises.

Community Engagement Programmes offer opportunities for students to enhance their understanding of the world through involvement in local and overseas communities.

Global Citizenship Programmes encourages students develop global mindset and support students to participate in prestigious conferences and competitions worldwide.

For details, please visit

Health Care

The University Health Service (UHS) provides quality primary care and health education on campus to enhance the physical and psychological health of the University community. The clinical services UHS provides include medical consultation, nursing care, vaccination, physiotherapy service, dental service, etc. Besides general consultations, a number of special clinics are run to provide preventive care such as general check-up, screening for certain diseases, individualised health advice, vaccination plan, etc.

UHS organises Health Orientation Programme for new students with high occupational risk, which encompasses blood test and vaccination. Health promotion activities and vaccination campaigns are organised throughout the year to keep our students healthy and well-informed of different health issues. Additional information on the University Health Service can be found at:

Sports and Recreation

The University has well-equipped indoor and outdoor sports facilities. An extensive range of sport, recreation, and health and fitness programmes are offered by the Centre for Sports and Exercise (CSE). Students have many opportunities to represent the University to compete against other tertiary institutions in sports. CSE supports the U-teams through the provision of professional coaching, facilities and subsidies. A Sports Scholarship Scheme allows talented local athletes to pursue studies while training and competing for the University of Hong Kong and Hong Kong national teams.

Academic Awards

The University administers a multitude of scholarships and prizes which are primarily merit-based. Scholarships (both internal and external schemes) which are open for applications are advertised on the HKU Scholarships website, and through e-newsletters. Students are advised to visit the HKU Scholarships website periodically for the latest news, application procedures and backgrounds. For those scholarships which are not publicised, relevant Heads of the Departments or Deans of Faculties will be invited to recommend suitable nominees for these awards.

Government Financial Assistance

Eligible students who need financial support to their university studies are encouraged to apply for the Tertiary Student Finance Scheme and the Non-means Tested Loan Scheme administered by the Hong Kong Government Student Finance Office. Information is available from the SFO website.

University Financial Assistance

University funds, are available to local students to supplement Government Grants and Loans. Applications are invited in early September each year. Emergency assistance is also available throughout the year. For enquiries, please contact CEDARS at

HKUFresh$3000: A $3000 subsidy will be provided to newly admitted full-time undergraduate students who are in receipt of the HKSAR comprehensive social security allowances prior to entry to the University to cover their immediate expenses upon entry to the University. For details, please visit

There is also the First-in-the-Family Education Fund, which enables first-generation university students with financial needs to take part in learning programmes outside the classroom. For details, please visit the website at

There are also education funds available to support individual students and projects:

  • Chui’s Student Excellence Scheme
  • SERVICE 100 Fund (incorporating the Student Knowledge Exchange Project Grant)
  • Yang Tuck Ming & Wong Fung Ying Service Learning Fund
  • "Henry Chan Inclusive Education Fund"

For details, please visit

Student Activities

The Hong Kong University Students' Union, formerly known as the Hong Kong University Union, was established in 1912. The Union was registered as an independent student organisation in 1949, when it also assumed its current name.

Student bodies of the Union include campus media and around 130 affiliated student organisations. These student bodies are categorised into five main groups: Faculty and Academic Societies, Hall Students' Associations, Sports Clubs (forming Sports Association, HKUSU), Cultural Clubs (forming Cultural Association, HKUSU) and Independent Clubs (forming Independent Clubs Association, HKUSU).

The Union's motto is "Unity with Independence" (「團結一致、獨立自主」). Within the University, the Union promotes the welfare of the student body, and acts as a bridge between the student body and the University authority in furthering the interests of the students and the University as a whole.

Outside the campus, representing its members, the Union is also active in voicing out opinions towards Hong Kong political and social issues.

Student Amenities

There are two amenities centres on the main campus and another one on the medical campus, all under the direct management of the Campus Life Section CEDARS. They provide facilities for relaxation, study and recreational activities and also office space for student societies. The restaurants and cafeterias on both campuses offer meals at reasonable price and provide comfortable space for students to socialize and mingle.

Residential Halls, Colleges and Accommodation

Halls of Residence are more than just a place to sleep – they form part of a long tradition at the University and are as important to your overall education as your studies. Hall life provides students the chance to interact with people from different backgrounds under one roof.

HKU has 17 residential halls and residential colleges where undergraduates can experience this important part of university life. Each hall and college has its own history and culture, and as students make new friends and develop a sense of belonging, hall/college becomes a home away from home.

General Education Unit

Besides formal academics, the University also offers a range of non-credit-bearing general education programmes. GE programmes encourage independent thinking and judgment, and promote appreciation of cultural diversity and arts, moral development, personal growth, critical self-reflection, and intellectual discussion. Prominent scholars, professionals and community leaders are invited to share their experiences and insights with students through face-to-face interactions. In addition, GE Gatherland provides unique spaces for you to chill out, mingle and explore creative ideas. Students can sign up for programmes at the beginning of every semester, please find out the details on the GE website, Facebook page and APP: Search for 'HKU GE'.

Experiential Learning

Experiential learning is a distinctive element of HKU's undergraduate curriculum. It takes learning outside the traditional boundary of the classroom. Students have to identify problems, communicate and negotiate with others to find solutions and make decisions in real-life settings. In this process, they make sense of the theoretical knowledge that they are studying and see things in a different light. The Gallant Ho Experiential Learning Centre (GHELC) collaborates with a wide network of local and overseas partners to identify experiential learning opportunities for students from all Faculties. The Centre also organises seminars and workshops to equip students with necessary knowledge and skills to take full advantage of the experiential learning opportunities. For details, please go to