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The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) was founded in 1991, as the first research-focused university in Hong Kong, with a mission to support the city’s future ambitions — to become not just the financial hub of Asia, but also a center of knowledge advancement, economic growth and influence in the Pearl River Delta Region, leveraging Hong Kong’s unique status.

Innovation is in our DNA, and we welcome everyone to join our cause to change people's lives for the better — as long as you are willing to defy the odds and push yourself beyond your limits to make a difference.

Our undergraduate programs are offered by our Schools and Programs Office:

      - School of Science
- School of Engineering
- School of Business and Management
- School of Humanities and Social Science
- Interdisciplinary Programs Office

Today, HKUST has risen through the ranks and become a global powerhouse in tertiary education as a result of our continuous pursuit of excellence in everything we do. We have achieved a strong global reputation and shot up in global rankings:

  • 1st, Times Higher Education Young University Rankings 2019
  • 27th, QS World University Rankings 2021
  • 10th, Global University Employability Survey and Ranking 2019

Diverse Community

HKUST is now home to over 16,000 students spanning more than 80 countries over five continents. Whereas world's amazing talents are flocking to the campus for an eclectic educational experience, students enrolled are earnest in expanding their horizons by joining the University's varied exchange programs, which now include over 250 partners worldwide. An international mix of students aside, HKUST also lives up to its promise as a stronghold of cutting-edge research and magnet for distinguished academics and influential thinkers.

Academic Excellence

When you study at HKUST, you learn from the best. Our faculty are all doctorate holders, coming from leading institutions around the globe, and regularly receive international awards in recognition of their groundbreaking research. Inspired by how the faculty members maximize their potentials, HKUST students follow their footsteps and extend the University's reputation with successful careers around the world.

Flexible Curriculum Design

Education at HKUST is designed and structured to help students thrive and maximize their potential. We offer flexibility and various types of program to fit students’ needs, interests and abilities, ranging from traditional major programs to joint-school programs, interdisciplinary programs, dual degree programs and joint-university programs.

To provide students with a balanced and comprehensive education, the undergraduate curriculum is complemented by the Common Core Program, which is an integral component that covers broad core areas including Humanities, Social Analysis, Science and Technology, and Quantitative Reasoning. There are over 300 Common Core courses for students to choose from.

Students are also offered the flexibility to enter a major program either at the point of admission or select one after two or three semesters. Irrespective of their chosen pathway, all first year students will take foundation courses offered by their respective Schools or Programs Offices.