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Student Development and Enrichment Opportunities

Students at HKUST have ample opportunities to participate in a variety of enrichment programs to develop themselves as future leaders.

  • International Exchange

    Student exchange program at HKUST is one of the most comprehensive in the world. HKUST offers more than 240 exchange programs worldwide. Over 40% of our student graduates had exchange-out experience.

  • Research Opportunities

    The Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) and International Research Opportunities Program (IROP) provide undergraduate students a chance to work closely with faculty members, on a one-on-one basis, on research projects and other scholarly activities.

    Since 2005, thousands of undergraduate students have participated in UROP. Armed with strong research experiences, many of them were admitted into PhD Programs by the world's leading universities with full scholarship.

  • Entrepreneurial Spirit

    HKUST Entrepreneurship Center

    The Center runs activities and funds to foster an entrepreneurial campus and cultivate a risk-taking value-creation mindset. Dream Builder Program supports the community to make big dreams and build them. The program also equips interested parties from knowledge acquisition (workshops and seminars), ideation (networking events and industry visits), prototyping to commercialization (competitions, accelerator funds and co-working space 'The BASE').

    Minor in Entrepreneurship

    The Minor Program in Entrepreneurship is a credit-bearing program jointly offered by School of Science, School of Engineering and School of Business and Management to provide structured training for students interested in entrepreneurship and starting their own ventures. 

  • Internships & Career Development

    Our Career Center provides pre-internship training and internship placement inside and outside Hong Kong. Over 180 recruitment talks are organized for students annually to provide students with up-to-date information in industries and an early career immersion.


    The Program carries the mission to offer our first- and second-year undergraduate students a “head start” in this increasingly global, competitive, and dynamic society through 3 main components “Internship”, “Mentorship”, and “Fellowship”. The components offer participated students a holistic experience of workplace training and an early career immersion.

    HKUST Internship Network (iNet)

    iNet is an integrated internship platform managed by HKUST Career Center. It serves as a "one-stop shop" for internship-seeking HKUST students to gain access to internship opportunities spanning across Hong Kong, Mainland China and overseas countries just at their fingertips.

    Career Mosaic

    Organized by Career Center, Career Mosaic is our campus-wide bi-annual weeklong job fair, participated by over 230 companies and organizations every year. The fair offers a highly effective platform for students to reach out to employers for internship and graduate employment opportunities.

  • Learn, Serve, Lead

    HKUST is dedicated to nurturing our students as responsible global citizens and future leaders. Students are encouraged to participate in community services which would increase their civic awareness and motivate them to learn, serve and lead.

    Smart Sustainable Campus

    This initiative is an effort to transform our campus into one where the campus itself is a platform for learning, experimenting, and showcasing new ideas and approaches. On-going projects such as facial recognition for library services, indoor navigation, smart lunch kiosks, blockcerts and many more ideas are funded by the initiative to enhance the campus and demonstrate HKUST’s leadership in constructing a sustainable and smart pathway into the future.

    HKUST Connect

    HKUST Connect is a community engagement initiative to raise civic awareness and develop sustainable connections with the wider community to deepen students’ learning and promote a benevolent world.

    HKUST Global Days of Changemaking

    It is a joint effort of all University members to take actions and solve social problems in their communities to support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Students, faculty, staff and alumni can engage in various meaningful community services coordinated by HKUST Connect, including direct service, service learning, civic engagement, social innovation, entrepreneurship, justice and philanthropy.

    Redbird Leadership Community

    This is a holistic student development program that aims to foster the participants' desirable attributes of Respectful, Energetic, Diverse, bright, innovative, responsive, and diligent and dependable. REDbird members will be given a systematic and flexible pathway to engage in action-learning. They are also exposed to numerous opportunities to grow through training, service, internship, and learning trips.

  • Academic Advising

    A comprehensive academic advising scheme is put in place in each School to assist students in identifying and achieving their academic, professional and personal goals.

    It is a "walk-with-you" journey, which dedicated mentors will assist students to acquire valuable learning experiences. Students may seek advice from Faculty Advisors, Counselors, peer mentors at different stages of their studies.

  • Counseling and Wellness Center

    The Center is here to support students in gaining self-understanding, emotional resilience and personal insights into any challenges they may experience throughout their university years. The Center provides high quality counseling and evidence-based psychological service that help students to put into effect real changes, unleash their personal potentials, as well as to enhance their psychological well-being.

  • Societies and Clubs

    There are over 110 student societies providing various social, interest development and sports opportunities. We have student bodies for different disciplines, interest groups, sports associations and halls of residence. The Students' Union, which is independent and self-governing, plays a key role in promoting and coordinating activities of these societies. Students are always welcome to start a new society or club at HKUST.

State-of-the-art Facilities

  • Shaw Auditorium

    HKUST celebrated the groundbreaking of its multi-purpose auditorium — a new landmark of the University that can house up to 1,300 audiences and to be used as a concert hall, theater for performances and lectures, as well as venue for exhibitions, events and ceremonies. Additionally, there will be space for seminars, rehearsals, small performances, and gatherings both indoors and outdoors. There will also be learning rooms, hang-out spaces and café area. The construction is expected to complete in the third quarter of 2021.

  • Residential Halls

    There are nine on-campus and one off-campus (HKUST Jockey Club Hall in Tseung Kwan O) undergraduate halls of residence to offer 4,500+ hall places. Each student hall is under the care of a Residence Master who is assisted by a Residential Life Officer and a team of Hall Tutors in providing hall life education and activities to the residents. All local students will have a chance to reside in our student halls for at least one term during their first year of study in HKUST.

    Funded by the Government, 4 halls of 8-storey on the Lee Shau Kee Campus are targeted to be built by year 2023 providing more than 1,500 additional bed spaces for undergraduate students. On completion of the project, the University expects more than 60% of our undergraduate students can experience hostel life.

  • Sports Facilities

    In addition to a large indoor sports hall of 1,600 square meters’ floor space for activities and other space set aside for squash, fencing, dance, indoor archery and martial arts, an entirely new indoor sports hall, Tsang Shiu Tim Sports Center is opened in 2019. The 3-storey Center is not only in close proximity to the student halls, a 50-meter outdoor pool and a 25-meter indoor pool, an athletic field with an artificial all-weather turf soccer pitch and a new Water Sports Center under construction, but its waterfront location also creates an inviting environment that encourages students to participate in physical activities.

  • Lee Shau Kee Library

    The 5-storey library offers a learning environment with an abundant collection of printed materials and electronic resources such as books, periodicals, microfilms, electronic collections as well as multimedia materials. Students can access to library information, services, tools and resources from any location at any time.

  • Creative Media Zone and Learning Commons

    It covers a self-access Graphics Workshop, a multi-function Media Production Studio, an AV Control Room, Editing Suites, and a dressing room. The facilities support studio photography, video recording and post-production, as well as giant poster or banner plotting.

    Learning Commons is an active place for learning. It provides an environment for intellectual exchanges and is a center for accessing academic resources and services as well as a hub of technology that supports learning tasks.