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The Education University of Hong Kong


Higher Diploma in Early Childhood Education 幼兒教育高級文憑


Short Description

This programme aims to provide students with the academic and professional preparation necessary to become competent, caring and reflective beginning teachers able to work in a range of early childhood settings and undertake further professional advancement. Graduates of the programme will (i) be eligible to register as Qualified Kindergarten Teachers and Registered Child Care Workers; (ii) be recognised as having acquired training on the One-year In-service Course in Special Child Care Work of the Social Welfare Department; (iii) have the professional qualification required of child care supervisors; and (iv) be eligible to apply for the University's Bachelor of Education (Honours) (Early Childhood Education) Programmes (Part-time).

Streams of Study

The programme will offer two streams of study in the 2020/21 academic year:

  • Chinese as the Medium of Instruction [CMI] - The medium of instruction is mainly Chinese. English will be adopted as the language of instruction for specific courses, as deemed appropriate.
  • English as the Medium of Instruction [EMI] - The medium of instruction is mainly English.

Students will be given the opportunity to choose either the CMI or the EMI stream upon admission to the programme. The final allocation of students to the CMI or EMI stream will be decided by the University.



  • Programme Entrance Requirements
  • General Entrance Requirements
Same as General Entrance Requirements
Core Subjects Minimum Level
Elective Subject(s) Minimum Level

Note: (i) Not more than two Applied Learning subjects; and (ii) excluding Applied Learning Chinese


(1) "Attained with Distinction" in an Applied Learning subject (Category B) will be regarded as having met the requirement of an elective subject. "Attained with Distinction"/"Attained with Distinction (I)" are comparable to Level 3 while "Attained with Distinction (II)" is comparable to Level 4 of the Senior Secondary Subjects (Category A).

(2) "Attained" level will be regarded as a value-added factor to be considered in totality with the Student Learning Profile (SLP) for the purpose of admission.

(3) Other Language subjects (Category C) will be accepted as unspecified elective subjects. The minimum requirement is Grade E.

(4) For non-Chinese speaking (NCS) students who have met the specified circumstances as announced by the Education Bureau (EDB), the University accepts alternative qualifications in Chinese Language (only those under GCE, GCSE, IGCSE, and DSE Applied Learning Chinese (for NCS students)) for the purpose of meeting the minimum entrance requirements.
(5) Mathematics Extended Part (i.e. Module 1 (M1) / Module 2 (M2)) will be counted as an elective subject for the purpose of meeting the general entrance requirements with effect from 2020/21, but cannot be used as a substitute for the Mathematics Compulsory Part. In case applicants have taken both M1 and M2, only the module with best result will be taken into consideration.

Calculation of scores for applicants with more than 1 sitting in HKDSE Examination

"Combined sittings" is allowed for HKDSE in the calculation of admission scores. If an applicant has taken the examination in a subject more than once, only the best result for that subject will be counted. No score deduction for repeated subjects.

First Year Tuition Fee

HK$ 15,040


Admission Enquiries


Tel: 2948 6886

Programme Enquiries
Ms Mou Wai Pik Peggy


Tel: 2948 8427

Programme Enquiries
Ms Cheng Sau Mei May


Tel: 2948 7129


Application Statistics (after Modification of Programme Choices)

Year Band A Band B Band C Band D Band E Total
2019 2837 1171 1044 1022 1266 7340
2018 3117 1364 1252 1139 1413 8285
2017 3824 1812 1469 1399 1728 10232
2016 4235 2075 1663 1541 1890 11404
2015 5500 2756 2116 1799 2355 14526
2014 6437 3254 2423 2008 2758 16880
2013 6814 3836 2678 2274 3104 18706
2012 5641 4045 3114 2288 2849 17937

Offer Statistics (as at the Announcement of the Main Round Offer Results)

Year Band A Band B Band C Band D Band E Total
2019 351 0 0 0 0 351
2018 313 0 0 0 0 313
2017 335 0 0 0 0 335
2016 345 0 0 0 0 345
2015 345 0 0 0 0 345
2014 315 0 0 0 0 315
2013 255 0 0 0 0 255
2012 168 0 0 0 0 168