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CityU offers a range of services and facilities to help students progress through their studies and develop personally and professionally. Sports and cultural activities, interest groups and community service programmes offer opportunities for out-of-classroom education and personal development. There are over 80 student organisations providing dynamic student activities. In addition, Student Development Services is committed to

  • nurturing the bodies, minds and spirits of students through various direct services;
  • providing developmental programmes; and
  • funding support

With the help of these services, students can attain personal and professional excellence, cherish life-long learning and contribute to society.

Financial Assistance and Scholarships

Students who encounter financial difficulties may apply for various types of financial assistance, such as government grants and/or loans, University bursaries, loans, emergency funds and temporary student loan funds. Bursaries and loans established by private organisations and individuals aim to provide financial assistance to students who face financial hardship.

Scholarships and prizes donated by individuals, private organisations, professional bodies and academic departments are awarded to students for outstanding academic performance, outstanding achievements in non-academic fields and outstanding service to the University or the community.

Advice for Students

To achieve a smooth transition to university life, students are encouraged to visit Student Development Services for help with any issues related to adjusting to university, personal growth, and career development.

Academic Colleges/Schools/Departments at CityU also strive to offer academic support to students for academic success and happy learning. Individual Colleges/Schools/Departments may arrange additional activities and support services for their students. Students are advised to contact their Colleges/Schools/Departments for the most updated information. The Students’ Union has 24 departmental societies, over 40 affiliated clubs and 10 residents’ associations.
Internship and Exchange Opportunities

Students are encouraged to participate in local and overseas internships, which enable them to identify their career interests, develop career attributes, apply their knowledge, learn necessary employability skills and establish business networks before they enter the workplace. The Campus Internship Scheme, Campus Work Scheme, Global Work Attachment Programme and study-related internships/practicum provide students with excellent opportunities to learn and gain real-life work experience within and outside Hong Kong. Various internship opportunities are offered from time to time by government units, commercial corporations and non-profit organisations.

CityU also encourages students to participate in exchange programmes, which help to develop their language skills and provide increased awareness of other cultures. We offer about 510 credit-bearing programmes with partner universities around the world.

Teaching Facilities

CityU offers state-of-the-art learning, teaching and research facilities. Venues for teaching and learning include 32 lecture theatres, each with 110 to 300 seats, and well-equipped laboratories and teaching studios. All of our lecture theatres have advanced IT equipment, multimedia facilities and computer terminals connected to the campus network and the Internet.

University Library

The Run Run Shaw Library offers a wide range of services, resources and facilities to support CityU’s learning and research activities. It has a total area of 13,605 square metres and a seating capacity of about 2,700. It provides an environment and facilities that are conducive to both individual and collaborative learning.

The Library’s collections include:

  • over 1.23 million volumes of print books and bound serials;
  • 2.02 million e-books;
  • 116,500 e-journal titles;
  • 70,900 items of audiovisual materials;
  • 161,000 online audiovisual material titles;
  • 380 electronic databases; and
  • an excellent collection of special materials.

The Library is open daily from 8:30 am to 11:00 pm, with 24-hour access during revision and examination periods.

Computing Services Centre

The CityU IT aspires to be a global leader in the innovative use of IT in higher education and to provide best-in-class IT infrastructure and services to support teaching, learning, and research activities at CityU.

Plentiful desktops and terminals are installed in different places on campus, allowing students to learn and work at their own pace. The virtual desktop service enables students to bring their own device and to use various kinds of university-acquired software anywhere on campus - learning can be in garden, in cafeteria, or even in library.

All these are being made possible with the reliable network infrastructure at CityU, and the full-coverage WiFi network on campus. The CityU network has 20Gbps connection to the Hong Kong Academic and Research Network (HARNET), and shares with all HARNET members high-speed links to the Internet and the Hong Kong Open Exchange (HKOX). Through HKOX, CityU connects directly to many National Research and Education Networks (NREN), e.g. China Education and Research Network (CERNET), China Science and Technology Network (CSTNET), TransPAC, Singapore Advanced Research and Education Network (SingAREN), National Institute of Information and Communications Technology of Japan (NICT), KREONET, Asi@Connect, HKIX R&E and content/cloud providers, such as Google and AWS.

In addition to the services/facilities supporting e-learning, e-mail, web publishing, and server hosting, CityU strives to create a smart and integral campus experience. The CityU mobile app allows students to check class schedule, find contact information, or even book learning resources right at their fingertips.

The CSC also provides IT training to staff and students by organising online computer courses, talks, online reference guides and newsletters. Should users require any IT advice or help, the CSC Service Counter and the CSC Help Desk are here to provide immediate assistance. Users can visit the IT Info and the Computing Services Centre for more information.


On-Campus Facilities

  • a table-tennis room;
  • a physical fitness room;
  • an outdoor basketball court; and
  • a 50-metre outdoor swimming pool.

Off-Campus Facilities

The Joint Sports Centre on Renfrew Road, jointly owned by CityU, Hong Kong Baptist University and Hong Kong Polytechnic University, provides various outdoor sports facilities including:

  • an IAAF Class II standard all-weather athletic track and field facilities;
  • an 11-a-side grass soccer pitch;
  • a multi-purpose court for basketball, volleyball, handball or 5-a-side soccer;
  • four tennis courts; and
  • four-bay golf practice area.

To ensure the whole-person development of CityU students, we complement these facilities with physical education courses and other sports and health-related activities. We also provide professional coaching for CityU’s sports teams.

We have a Student Athletes Admission Scheme (SAAS) to recognise student athletes with outstanding sports achievements for pursuing higher education at CityU. Please visit the SAAS website for more information.

Student Residence

The CityU Student Residence is a mega-home for 3,700 local and non-local student residents, with an enriched hall life and well-acclaimed multi-cultural integration in 12 hall communities. Hall life is one of the most valuable and indispensable student experiences. You are most welcome to visit the Student Residence Office page for hall application information and a glimpse of colourful hall life in our albums.