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Revision of HKU Programme Entrance Requirements (JS6937 & JS6963)


1.  Revision of HKU Programme Entrance Requirements (JS6937 & JS6963)

The University of Hong Kong (HKU) has recently approved the revision of programme entrance requirements for the following programmes which will take effect from the 2024 cycle.  Please refer to the Letter from HKU and the HKU website for details.

JUPAS Catalogue No. Funding Category Programme Short Name Programme Full Title
JS6937 UGC-funded GEBP Global Engineering and Business Programme (double degree)
JS6963 UGC-funded BEng Bachelor of Engineering

2.  Special Arrangements for Free-of-charge Programme Change

In the light of the above changes, special arrangements have been made to allow JUPAS applicants to update their programme choices free-of-charge (for one submission only) via their JUPAS accounts.  Such free-of-charge change only applies to the following:

JUPAS Catalogue No. Changes Allowed Period for Free Changes
  • ADD JS6937 and / or JS6963 to the original programme choice list (as long as the total number of programme choices does not exceed 20)
  • REPLACE existing programme with JS6937 and / or JS6963
  • REARRANGE the order of the original programme choices including JS6937 and / or JS6963
  • DELETE JS6937 and / or JS6963 from the programme choice list

29 January 2024 –
4 February 2024 (11:59 pm)

Please note that any change requests submitted outside the specified period of 29 January 2024 to 4 February 2024 (11:59 pm) for free-of-charge programme changes will be charged an amendment fee of HK$100 per request until 29 May 2024 (11:59 pm).